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A Simple Shift—you and your colleagues can practice speaking and learn a simple shift that will revolutionize interpersonal communication within your business and in your life. More info...

"Maia brings enthusiasm and optimism to the table, and this helps grease the wheels and start a discussion among obstinate leadership peers who may be struggling with communication. Her creativity and fearlessness are exactly what the doctor ordered..." Eric Camulli, VP of Marketing, 7signal

Yes! We want to revolutionize our communication.

Energize Your Audience

A Simple Shift™—your audience will experience an engaging, interactive, yet practical message that sends them back into their world with a simple shift that makes their leadership more effective and their communication more productive. Each presentation is customized to your audience or event theme. More info...

"This is a professional who knows how to engage, impact, and take her audience on a ride that causes life changing behavior and thinking to occur."
Lisa Newberger, Owner, Discuss Directives, LLC

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Transform Your Leaders

A Simple Shift™—with one-on-one coaching that invites you to consider a new way of seeing the challenges you face, as you discover a simple shift that overcomes the barriers to your success. More info...

"Maia has an uncanny ability to pull back the curtain of uncertainty, misunderstandings and assumptions – so you can peer through to the VISION and move forward."
Eva Leos, Senior Event Coordinator, Fiatech; Chapter President,
MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter

I'm ready to break through the barriers to my success!

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People Clapping

Maia’s PowerSpeak is an excellent tool that every leader should have in their tool kit! Thank you, Maia, for providing a safe space for us to be vulnerable and open to feedback from complete strangers. It’s because of your ability to make your students feel safe, supported, and eager to engage in an unfamiliar environment that this session was such a success. In my lifetime you are the only person that I have come across that can achieve that! Thank you for everything!

After meeting Maia in April of 2016, I can honestly tell you that our business has never been the same. When I asked her what she would do to address our situation, she put the accountability back on me. Instead of telling me what she thought we should do, like many others might do in her spot, she asked me what I thought about the situation and what I wanted for our executive team and for our agency. This was her secret of seeing how she could help—or more importantly, (show us) how we could help ourselves. Maia has unlocked the potential of our Executive Team in ways we never thought possible.

Maia Beatty is helping me to create my best life ever! I always have strongly believed that personal development is extremely important to success in every area of my life.  Maia’s course has shown me how to get from where I am to where I want to be. The difference lies with my thoughts—which control my actions, which create my results. Using the strategies from the course, I now KNOW  I can accomplish anything I focus on. It has been an eye opening experience and I’m excited about the future and all of the opportunities in front of me!

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