Dance into Your Power*

Dance Into Your Power

What is Dance Into Your Power?

Before she coined the term Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead Faster™ for her leadership coaching and training, Maia Beatty was unpacking Powerful Presence—which turns out to be characteristic of the most effective leaders—and sharing her unique distinctions and strategies internationally.

Another way to describe Powerful Presence is Awareness because it includes awareness of yourself as well as awareness of others and your impact on them.

In this engaging and illuminating book, Maia shows you that Powerful Presence has a structure and that anyone can learn its distinctions and practices. What she knows about it has roots in her wide-ranging and diverse experiences—and she holds nothing back in sharing what she discovered along the way.

Using real-life examples and practical applications, Maia provides you with the sustainable practices and cutting-edge distinctions that she’s used to support leaders and teams since 1990, across the US and internationally.

What will reading it do for me?

As you increase your own Awareness, you’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve the self-assurance that comes from being at home in your own skin
  • Create rapport with anyone you meet
  • Choose the beliefs you hold about yourself
  • Develop your own strategies to triumph over adversity
  • Discover the clues to your own power so you can access it any time you want
  • Overcome listening barriers so you can listen deeply to others—as well as to yourself
  • Stay positive and creative in the midst of anything you experience

Where can I get it?

You can get it two ways:

  1. Contact Maia to discover how to bring her one-of-a-kind trainings to your organization, group or team and help you to create remarkable results—as well as how you can earn your complimentary copy.
  2. Click here—and buy it at

*Please note that due to changes in our website, the links in the book have changed. Click here to find myjournal.pdf, myitinerary.pdf, and mydecisiongrid.pdf.