Dance into Your Power*

Maia’s latest book, Dance Into Your Power, is the catalyst for Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead FasterTM!

What people are saying:

A gripping read. Maia is living proof of the resilience of the human spirit … (she) creates a clear road map for others and engages the reader every step of the way, regardless of age, gender or life experience.”

—Kate Burton, PCC, International Coach and
Best-selling Author

What an adventure! And what a wonderful gift to give people: the keys to their own personal power.”

—Stephanie Ward, Firefly Coaching
The Marketing Coach for Entrepreneurs

Dance into Your Power invites you into one woman’s life where you will learn valuable life lessons that will help you every day. Maia’s positive message and the “distinctions, structures, and strategies” she shares in this book will inspire you to dance in ways that will transform your life!”

—Lori Maloney Young, Planner, Facilitator,
Trainer, Advocate, Mother


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“When was the last time you really danced?”

Dance into Your Power is the compelling story of how one woman learned to transform her life—and used what she learned along the way to inspire others.

Starting out as a seventeen-year-old runaway, with nothing but the clothes on her back and $30 in her pocket, Maia Beatty took decades to learn how to dance into her own power. Dance into Your Power reveals the strategies she developed along her path to success.

In the process she’s created her life’s work, married the love of her life, and discovered the deep happiness that comes from peace in her soul.

*Please note that due to changes in our website, the links in the book have changed. Click here to find myjournal.pdf, myitinerary.pdf, and mydecisiongrid.pdf.

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