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From individual coaching to organizational training and speaking, you’ll find Maia Beatty and Associates to be a different kind of company. Our services are customized to give you the outcome you desire for yourself, your team, and your audience.

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Simple Shifts are small behavior changes that anyone can make to break through anything that holds you back in your career or personal life. Whether you’re looking for a skilled coach, a roadmap to create a powerful personal brand or a strategy to transform your distaste for public speaking, you’ve come to the right place.

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Teams that openly communicate with each other prosper—that’s the secret of their success. Our unique, proprietary program reveals simple shifts in behavior that deliver remarkable leaps in team effectiveness and create unprecedented buy-in for all involved.

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Executive and Leadership Coaching is an “essential resource for those leaders who have a fierce desire to learn and grow.” With her proprietary Breakthrough Leadership Coaching™ Maia invites you to tap into that “fierce desire” and consider a new way of seeing the challenges you face, as you discover the simple shifts that overcome the barriers to your leadership success.

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Through three decades, Maia is committed to touching the lives and hearts of her audiences. She inspires them to think—and act—differently, as leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents.

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