What’s Your Networking Challenge? The 3 Beliefs in Action: Part 2

COSE CoverLast Thursday the COSE Update Magazine came out with the cover story on Networking, Wake Up & Network by Kristen Hampshire.
It was a complete thrill to be featured on the cover and in the story, joined by experts Phil Stella, Julie d’Aloiso, Michael Struk. When Kristen and I a spoke in November, we spent most of our conversation talking about Powerful Presence and how simple it makes the process of networking.
When people ask me if I enjoy networking, I always answer with an enthusiastic “yes!” — and I mean it. Kristen’s article gives you a roadmap to creating the most successful networking strategies for your particular circumstances, so you can do the exact same thing.
What makes this experience even sweeter for me has been the knowledge that you really do bring about what you think about.
I’ve been getting the COSE Update every month for a year now. Every month when it comes, I’ve been saying to myself,  “I’d look great on that cover” and imagining what it would be like.
Thank you, COSE Update Magazine for letting me find out.
Thank you, Kristen Hampshire for your way with words, Toby Shingleton for an amazing photo shoot, and Jennifer Greising for makeup that made me feel like a Supermodel. Thank you, Deb Waldron for holding the space at the photo shoot and Chuck Beatty for making me sparkle.

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