What You See Is What You Get

Now that you know about the second Belief and you know the Championship Strategy, there’s one more thing to explore,  just below the surface.
Make it or Break It
So now you’re deep into the terrain of the second Belief. This is a make-or-break moment because, without this Belief in yourself, the Journey to your own Powerful Presence will be more difficult.
So what if this doesn’t come naturally to you? What if the one thing you doubt right now is yourself and your abilities? If so, you’re not alone. This was certainly the truth about me when I started my own Journey. The good news is that this  terrain can be mastered.
You might be tempted to look for a shortcut at this point — I know I certainly did. I discovered that there is no shortcut, because other people can feel your beliefs about yourself. What you see in yourself is what others see, so everything about your presence hinges upon how you see yourself.
They may not be able to quantify it – they just get a feeling about you. Either you are — or you’re not– what you say you are. Until it’s the truth for you, no one else can believe it.
When I work with my clients, this is the Belief that increases their confidence and ultimately, their skill. There’s something powerful about a person who steps up to the proverbial plate and takes action with full belief in their ability to “pull it off” or “make it so.”
Think about it – when have you had this experience with someone else?
It’s easy to see this belief in others because we’re hard-wired to detect it. All you have to do is put this biological fact to use as you’re building your personal brand with Powerful Presence. Other people will see in you what  you see– start looking for your strengths, for what you’re great at, so you can share it with others. You will be amazed at your results.
How do you find your strengths?
Here are three ways that my clients have found to be the most useful:

  1. Ask the people who love you what they see in you. Listen in 2nd Gear so you can find ways to see what they see.
  2. Think of a time when you were really successful – at anything, any time in your life. What was true about you? Make a list of those strengths and look for ways to put them into play now.
  3. Practice looking in your own eyes when you look in the mirror. Keep practicing until you can comfortably hold your own gaze for 10 seconds or more. This one practice will help you to feel comfortable in your own skin and exponentially increase the strength of your Powerful Presence.

Let’s Recap
Now we’ve traveled through the first two Beliefs. Let’s stop for a moment and recap:

  1. Your beliefs filter your reality ~ they’re the fuel for your Reticular Activating System.
  2. There are always three perspectives–three Gears–to any situation. The “truth” for you is only one of at least three possibilities.
  3. When you believe that you bring about what you think about, you can see how it plays out in your results.
  4. When you realize that whatever you think about yourself is the truth for you, you give yourself the choice to explore your alternatives.
  5. Whatever you experience in any moment shows up in your presence and affects the people you’re with.
  6. Get conscious of what you’re doing and you will increase your Powerful Presence.

Don’t take my word for any of this ~ it’s just my 1st Gear. It’s the truth for me. It can only become the truth for you when you take it out and play with it!
Next week: There’s a Gift in Every Obstacle


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