What Would You Do NEW in the New Year?

Now that we’ve closed the door on 2013, the possibilities for 2014 seem unlimited, don’t they?


Last week I was talking to a colleague and she asked me this question: “When you consider the goals most people have for the coming year, how would (those goals) be affected if they increased the confidence and skill they have with public speaking?”  We agreed that, despite the stories we’ve all heard about all the things people would rather do instead of speak, the fact remains that the most confident speakers have more influence, make more money for themselves or their organizations and feel more successful in their work and in their lives in general.


If you’ve found yourself thinking about the impact that speaking has on your success, it may be that you find yourself in one of these situations:


  1. Your continued success requires that you increase the amount of time you speak in public. Whether you’ll be speaking in business meetings or in presentations, the thought of it leaves you feeling nauseous. You’re ready to increase your confidence and skill—without the critiques of Toastmasters or a college class.
  2. You have no trouble speaking in front of small groups; in fact, you enjoy it. Now you have to speak in front of a group that’s significantly larger than you’re comfortable with and your mouth goes dry just thinking about it. You’re ready to expand your confidence and skill—without the critiques of Toastmasters or a college class.
  3. You’re comfortable speaking in public, yet you want to add that “something extra” that you know exceptional speakers have. You want to refine and sharpen your speaking skill so you can more deeply connect with any audience, anywhere. You’re ready for something different—since you’ve already been in Toastmasters and taken college speaking classes.

What could you do in 2014 if you conquered your discomfort with speaking–or ramped up your speaking skills?


If you see yourself in one or more of these situations , you can really make a difference in your success this year by joining us in a PowerSpeak class at the YWCA. The next class is coming up on Friday, January 17, and there is still a seat waiting for you.


And here’s a bonus: you can accomplish something powerful in January, simply by registering for PowerSpeak, since $99 of your registration goes directly to the YWCA’s NIA Program.



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