What Impact Do You Want to Have?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you suddenly realize that your speaking skills are just not going to get you the outcome you want in an important presentation or meeting?
That’s exactly what happened to Teresa Sanders, Vice President of Programs and Operations at YWCA Greater Cleveland and champion of the organization’s NIA program.
NIA–Nurturing Independence and Aspirations–is a Trauma-Informed System of Care model that provides services, support and inspiration to youth 14 to 24 years of age transitioning from foster care. Teresa said that some of the young people that come out of foster care and other failing systems walk around with a hole in their soul. YWCA Greater Cleveland helps them begin to repair that hole. This program is funded solely by donations.
When Teresa got the opportunity to share NIA’s story with more than 500 community leaders last fall to inspire their support, she knew she wanted to power up her speaking skills to create the kind of impact that would support the YWCA in a very sustaining way.
To make sure she achieved her outcome, she registered for the September PowerSpeak and Advanced PowerSpeak classes.
Here’s what she says about her experience:
“I thought I was a decent speaker before PowerSpeak. What I learned is that I have the ability to be a powerful speaker.”
“PowerSpeak helped me shift my focus from being concerned about any anxiety I may have in the moment to connecting to my audience. That one shift eliminated my anxiety and allowed me to deliver my message in a way that had a powerful impact on my audience.
“What makes PowerSpeak different from any other speaking programs I know about is our focus on the audience and learning what it takes to connect to them in a way that makes a difference–for them. I learned that a powerful presentation is not about me as a speaker, it’s about my connection with–and impact on–my audience.”
With her new insights, passion and skill as a speaker, Teresa spoke so powerfully, in less than 10 minutes on stage, that she enrolled the entire room of 550 to support the YWCA. Everyone who saw her speak at that 90-minute breakfast meeting was inspired to give whatever they could to help further her mission. Their donations amounted to more than $115,000.00, surpassing their goal.
To say that Teresa’s presentation was a resounding success would be an understatement.
Teresa’s decision to attend PowerSpeak and Advanced PowerSpeak grew out of her commitment to make sure she had an unforgettably powerful impact on her audience–in the process she had an indelible impact on me.
Although I was out of the country for her presentation, I had seen her practice in class and knew I wanted to support NIA. Then I saw about three minutes of her presentation on video and I knew I had to find a way to support this program financially.
Because YWCA Greater Cleveland is now the new home of the PowerSpeak program, it simply made sense to connect a donation from the PowerSpeak classes to the organization.
Because of Teresa’s commitment and inspiration, I’ve committed that $99 from every registration will go to support NIA, for as long as we’re holding PowerSpeak classes at the YWCA. In other words-for years to come.
Teresa left us all without a doubt about the impact that a committed speaker with the kind of fearless and engaging speaking skills that are developed in PowerSpeak can have on the planet.
What kind of impact do you want to have?
Whether it’s speaking to executives in the boardroom, engaging an audience of 500–or more–or simply conducting a community or association meeting to achieve something important, PowerSpeak can help you to shift from “decent” to “powerful” in just one day.
And now when you register for PowerSpeak, you, too, can help Teresa in her work to help these young people repair the “hole in their soul” and nurture their independence and aspirations.

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