What are you HUNGRY For?

When you’re really hungry and nothing satisfies it, not even a Big Mac or a Hunger Buster or a Whopper…maybe it’s your Soul that’s hungry.
And when your Soul is hungry, nothing will satisfy you but that thing you’re hungry FOR. Although I once described this as “Hungry Nostrils” now I know it for what it is, a Hungry SOUL.
Maybe you’ve felt this same way; you’ve got:

  • A general feeling of dissatisfaction
  • An urge to cry that you can’t explain
  • A excessive sensitivity to circumstances (you can really feel the difference between what you have and what you want, even if you can’t put your finger in it)

These feelings are combined with a feeling of expectancy, like something is coming around the corner that you really want–and you can’t see it yet.
This is certainly NOT the most fun place to hang out! Yet if you believe, as I do, that everything that’s happening is perfect, and in its perfection it either brings you joy or brings you growth, you can withstand this uncomfortable feeling and wait for what it’s bringing you.
Although this has happened to me before, that feeling hit me with a vengeance about 6 weeks ago. Then yesterday afternoon, what I didn’t even know I was waiting for just showed up. The planets aligned, the combination to the lock spun itself open and everything I needed came right into my hands. This morning I got an email that one big thing I really wanted will be mine as well.
So if you’re experiencing that ambivalent feeling that often accompanies a change in seasons and a change in your life, I hope you will trust it. Give it a little time to work itself out. I’ve come to understand that this is a Relationship Issue–this relationship is the one you have with Yourself.
And like all great relationships, it takes time and nourishing to really thrive.
Happy Spring!

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