Unite Your Team

Imagine the results you would produce for your organization if you could Unite Your Team!

“Maia provided [us] with valuable tools to use going forward. She brings enthusiasm and optimism to the table…which helps grease the wheels and start a discussion among obstinate leadership peers who may be struggling with communication.”

—Eric Camulli, now VP of Marketing at 7signal

Teams that openly communicate with each other prosper—that’s the secret of their success. Our unique, proprietary program reveals simple shifts in behavior that deliver remarkable leaps in team effectiveness and create unprecedented buy-in for all involved.

Teams who have taken our courses know how to:

  • Resolve Miscommunications—Colleagues gain a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and unconscious biases.
  • Retain Their High Performers—Employees increase their motivation to perform as they develop a new way of communicating that leaves them feeling heard and valued.
  • Minimize Uncertainties—Team members know how to manage the emotions that accompany uncertainty, so they are no longer stopped by fear of change and can move forward—faster.

Their organizations benefit as:

  • Stress Levels Plummet—because team members gain cutting-edge strategies that not only enhance the way they interact, they propel their organization forward.
  • Productivity Skyrockets—because team members have new tools—and know how to apply them—so they can keep moving forward, even when they feel “stuck.”
  • Revenue Grows—because team members know how to collaborate in ways that increase innovation and keep them engaged, which increases productivity and revenue.

Who We Help:

Any team who wants to increase their effectiveness, performance and job satisfaction with cutting edge communication skills: Organizational Leaders—Executive Teams— Management Teams—Project Teams—Internal Departments—Boards of Directors.

Here’s a list of clients that Maia has worked with during her career.

Focus On Solutions and Opportunities

Unite Your Team is a three course series (with an optional fourth course) designed to further team success by opening up the conversations that drive your organization—and your people—forward. By exploring your communication challenges, this series will show you how to unpack the behaviors and resolve the unique breakdowns that are holding your team back.

Each of the first three courses are delivered in three 4-hour sessions (12 hours per course). Harness Global Communication Strategies is delivered in one 4-hour session.

Our Interactive Courses

  1. Ignite Your TeamPower
    This course sets the foundation for success by using the team’s unique challenges as its context—and giving participants straightforward strategies for working with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Team members will discover how to recognize and engage others—despite individual communication preferences—enabling them create buy-in within the team.
  2. Blueprint Your Breakthroughs
    This course will provide the team with a sustainable process to achieve its business objectives. Using our signature blueprint structure to measure your outcome and each team member’s individual contributions, you’ll see exactly what moves your team forward—and what holds it back—so can break through any challenges you face.
  3. Create Results-Driven Conversation
    This course integrates all the previous strategies into a platform for creating an open dialogue to navigate through workplace conflict—both within and outside of the team. Using cutting edge conversation strategies, team members will deepen their abilities to engage with colleagues, direct reports, prospects and clients in positive ways that generate measurable results.
  4. Harness Global Communication Strategies
    Is your team global? If you’re a part of a multicultural team—whether you’re communicating around the globe or in one location—you have an added communication challenge to overcome. Given that we think in the language we speak and communicate in ways that are rooted in our own culture, maneuvering through the natural workplace challenges has an added dimension when you’re communicating across several cultures. Address this by including this optional 4-hour course.

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