Unclutter Your Mind! Part 2 of 2

Yesterday we took a look at the kind of thoughts we carry around in our brain.
If someone offered you a mental moving van today, would you be ready to clear out those thoughts that no longer serve you and load them up into that van? If you said “Yes!” you’re in luck. You actually have Unlimited Cosmic Power to load up that mental moving van up anytime you want to.
Organizational experts will tell you that there’s a process to keep your house or office or your kitchen uncluttered; the secret to being successful with it is to realize that it’s an ongoing process. Although it might feel a little time-consuming at first, when you do it often enough, it soon becomes an instinct. You may find that the initial clean-up might take you a little while, yet once you’ve completed it and develop the habit of keeping things uncluttered, that habit grows into an instinct. Once that happens, things just don’t pile up anymore.
There’s no better time to begin that uncluttering process than the present moment–and I’m going to show you how to do it in today’s blog. The good news is that, if you  started paying attention to your thoughts after yesterday’s blog, then you’ve already begun…

How to Keep Your Mind Free of Clutter (3 Simple Steps)

1. Assess your environment (in this case, your brain). Thoughts really are things, and they have a physical footprint. Now that you know the difference between positive thoughts and negative ones, you can feel their footprints a lot easier than ever before. Once you’ve identified the thought, you can decide what you want to do with it…you can  determine what needs to go and what can stay.
In a physical environment, this involves categorizing your things into three piles: 1. stays, 2. gets trashed, 3. gets recycled. In your brain, you do similar sorting–with a question and a decision.
To sort through your thoughts, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kinds of thoughts nourish me? (these are the ones you keep.)
  • What kinds of thoughts harm me–or keep me stuck and feeling powerless? (these are the ones you trash.)
  • What kinds of thoughts are simply outdated and no longer fit the person I am now? (these are the ones you recycle–even though someone else can use them, you’re letting them go.)

2. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts. Once you get the initial uncluttering accomplished, now you just have to pay attention to your thoughts going forward. This is just like paying attention to things in your home or office: although you’re not going to stop your life to check your thoughts every moment, you make it a point to keep your thoughts as positive as possible. A simple strategy is to think about the nourishing things you’re storing in your brain when you think positive thoughts…and when one of those dense, spiky, negative thoughts shows up (and they will!)  now you have a choice. Do you want to keep that negative thought–or do you want to pitch it? (I love the feeling of jettisoning a thought that leaves me feeling crummy and replacing it with an empowering thought that inspires me to take action!).
3. Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones at Every Opportunity. Uncluttering your mind is an ongoing process that gets easier as you practice it. In no time, you’ll  notice that it becomes an instinct to make things positive ~ and you’ll also notice that you feel more powerful and resourceful, no matter what circumstances you face.
If you’d like more support in keeping your thoughts positive, I invite you to join me me on this blog on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend, nourished with positive thoughts. Let me know how it goes… I’d love to hear from you!

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