Transform Your Leadership

“Transformational Leaders have three things in common: a very high capacity for discomfort, a full understanding of [their] emotional world, and a full understanding of the emotional landscape of those who work for [them].”

—Brené Brown

If you’re a leader in your organization—or if you’ve started your own—odds are high that you’re exceptionally skilled at something your organization values. You’ve been promoted—or headed out on your own—because you have a passion for creating or selling something of value. You’ve honed your technical skills to the point where you’re a model for others. You make what you do look easy because you love it so much.

Now comes the leadership challenge: your job is to identify and develop the potential of others—to step aside from “the action” and focus on providing the environment where they can take your organization to the next level.

That requires a different set of skills—and most of us have had to discover them on our own, through trial and error (mostly error).

What would be different for you if you could identify the Simple Shifts you need to make to level-up your leadership skills without losing the time that continued “trial and error” always takes?

That’s where the two levels of the Transform Your Leadership program come in.

If you’re a leader who’s ready to achieve a short-term goal that is currently out of your reach, The Laser-Focused Coaching Package is for you—and it includes The Energy Leadership Index™ Package.

If you’re a leader who’s ready to transform your leadership experience in order to achieve a significant goal that will take you to your next level of success, The Breakthrough Leadership Coaching Package is for you. It includes both The Energy Leadership Index™ Package and The Laser-Focused Coaching Package.

Your Coaching Options Laser-Focused Coaching Package Breakthrough Leadership Coaching Package
The ELI Assessment X X
A 90-minute Debrief on your private bridgeline X X
Your Debrief Recording X X
Your copy of Energy Leadership, by Dr. Bruce D. Schneider X X
Breakthrough Leadership Blueprint X X
Six 60-minute coaching sessions on your private bridgeline over 3 to 4 months as you strategically put what you identified into action X X
The recordings of each coaching session X X
Unlimited text and email support throughout our work together X X
Ten additional 60-minute coaching sessions (on your private bridgeline, via Zoom video, or in person in Independence, Ohio) over 6 to 8 months as you strategically put what you identified into action   X
Up to six 15-minute phone support sessions to use at your discretion   X