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Maia has unlocked the potential of our Executive Team in ways we never thought possible.”

—Ben Brugler, President, AKHIA Public Relations

The Harvard Business Review describes Executive and Leadership Coaching as an essential resource for those leaders who ”have a fierce desire to learn and grow.”

With her proprietary Breakthrough Leadership Coaching™ Maia invites you to tap into that “fierce desire” and consider a new way of seeing the challenges you face, as you discover the simple shifts that overcome the barriers to your leadership success.

Here’s how it works:

Your coaching begins with a Blueprint Session™ to map out exactly what you want to achieve through your collaboration with Maia. This document becomes your roadmap for your work together, so you can always see where you are, what you’ve accomplished and what’s next. As a result, you can count on insights that might surprise you—as well as no surprises about where you’re headed in the process.

In the 12 bi-monthly one-hour sessions that follow over the next 6 months, you will be invited to consider a new way of seeing the challenges you currently face so you can discover how to:

  • See possibilities that were previously invisible to you.
  • Explore new tools that connect you with your work and your team differently and more productively.
  • Recognize the barriers that are keeping you from your greatest leadership and examine how you can move around them.
  • Understand your problem-solving process in a new and useful way.
  • Design your own sustainable strategies to move past any challenge you face–long after your coaching is completed.

Here’s a list of clients that Maia has worked with during her career. If you’re ready to join them and tap into your own fierce desire to grow in your leadership, click the button below to schedule your 30-minute complimentary coaching session and see how you can benefit from working with Maia.

“Maia’s positive, encouraging and result-orientated coaching gave me the guidance I needed to achieve success.”

Robert Bylett, Director, FoodWorks, UK

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