This Key Changes Everything…

Change your thoughts and you change your experience; change your experience and you change your life.
What is it that makes doing this so difficult–and makes it such such a victory once accomplished?
Changing your thoughts can be very hard work…until you get conscious of the internal forces that keep your current thoughts in place. When you get in the mental driver’s seat, you discover that you can drive your own thoughts instead of being driven by them.
And just like any vehicle you drive, getting in the drivers seat with your thoughts requires a key.
The key to changing your thoughts is as easy as turning the key in the ignition of you car–the moment you get curious. Being curious is one of those super-powers you can tap into anytime. It’s like being a mental ninja when it comes to outsmarting those worn-out thought patterns that no longer serve you.
Last week, I told you about Kim, who used this very key of remaining curious to transform her experience of what could have been a total breakdown into a major breakthrough. This week, we want to demystify the process so you can try it out for yourself.
Here’s how it works:
1. Your conscious mind is composed of your beliefs, values, opinions and experiences: those things you “know to be true.” Like everyone else on the planet, you experience reality through your conscious mind. In Kim’s case, her conscious mind was being sorely challenged by everything she faced: separation from her fiance and her family, a quick move to a new state with a completely foreign culture and an unresponsive boss. If she had stopped here, this would have been a truly miserable 4 months in which she would have been irretrievably stuck. Fortunately, she had been trained in the strategies of Powerful Presence–and she used what she’d learned.
2. Your subconscious mind is composed of your feelings, dreams, instincts, hunches–as well as those things you simply can’t “prove” yet are irresistibly drawn to. We experience the subconscious as physical sensations and emotion. It’s the part of us that is undeniably CURIOUS. And–it’s the part of us that has been systematically discounted as “fluff”–that we’ve been rigorously trained to deny. It’s also the storehouse of everything we’ve ever experienced and the repository of anything we can imagine. It’s the home of our Spirit and our Creativity. Every day Kim used her knowledge of the strategies of Powerful Presence that we shared with you last week to tap into her subconscious mind and overcome her conscious thoughts of disaster. She could do that because she had this key: she was curious about the possibilities that existed if she believed that there was something positive waiting for her in this experience.
3. The magic key that unlocks the door to your subconscious is the phrase “What IF?” Every day Kim used it when she asked herself, “What if this is a gift in disguise?” “What if I have what it takes to be successful here?’ “What if everything happens for my joy or my growth? (Then this has GOT to be for my GROWTH!)” Kim used her Powerful Presence strategies and her belief the power of that phrase to maneuver her way through a minefield of difficulties. She kept asking “What if this is something more than it appears?” and she kept looking for what she could not see until she found it.
So here’s that strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Consider that your conscious mind has only a part of the story. There is more to your experience than is obvious to you right away. That leaves you open to…
  2. Consider that your willingness to be curious will give you the greatest ability to maneuver through even the most difficult of circumstances. That leaves you open to…
  3. Consider using the magic key phrase, “What if…?” to unleash your personal power, what I call Powerful Presence.

See what you discover this week when you try this out–and post your comment below about your experiences. Have a great week!

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