This Is How We Do It!

Have you ever wished you could capture power, presence and joy ~ to have at your disposal anytime you needed it?
Someone has finally done it.
And you don’t have to take my word for it ~ just follow this link and see it for yourself.
This link will take you to a 50-second video of  “Jessica’s Daily Affirmations” and you will see that her Dad, David, has captured her power, presence and joy for all the world to see.
Jessica and her Dad have never heard of Powerful Presence ~ and we have never met.
Yet there she is, in all of her glory, doing three things in 50 seconds that many of us have to take a Journey to find:


  1. Believing that she brings about what she thinks about
  2. Believing that she has what it takes
  3. Walking her talk with integrity

What blew me away about this magical 50 seconds is that it supports my belief  that each of us is hard-wired this way ~ and each of us can find our way back to it. What’s so powerful about this is that it comes from inside of us.
All we have to do is be willing to release of all the things we’ve picked up along the way that keep us from being the magical beings we were born to be.
Like every child on the planet, Jessica arrived full of this amount of power, presence & joy. She has her own unique way of  demonstrating it ~ there is no one else like her on the planet. Lucky for us, she has parents who celebrate it and will help her to develop it as she grows.
As you start your week out this morning, I hope you’ll watch this video more than once. Every time I watch it, I laugh out loud with sheer joy at the simple truth of it: celebrating yourself is the most powerful, beautiful, and magnetic way to start each day.
Thank you, Jessica and David, for showing us how to start the week  out with Powerful Presence!

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