There is a Gift in Every Obstacle ~ No Kidding

Cancer is a very scary word;  the closer it gets to you, the scarier it gets .
Three weeks ago we learned that a family member has been diagnosed with a serious and rare form of cancer. When we got the news, it knocked us off our feet; the emotions were overwhelming at first.
After a few initial blogs about it, I turned my professional attention to other things.
Today I realized just how much has happened in the interim and how much of it points directly to the benefits of Powerful Presence.  The Three Beliefs have played a huge part in our being able to work through our emotions and move our focus to what we CAN do, instead of focusing on what we CAN’T.
The belief that Every Obstacle Brings a Gift really showed up today when I found myself talking on the phone to a friend who didn’t know.
Here’s what came out of my mouth before I realized what I was saying: “All of a sudden we are so happy that Chuck had cancer (6 years ago), because he is the perfect resource for our family. It’s like he is their Guiding Light, making the journey so much easier for them than it was for him. And it gives both of us the feeling that we can really help right now, which is making it easier for us to go through this, too.”
This is exactly what’s happening, although I hadn’t strung those words together in exactly that way before. When Chuck heard me say it, he smiled and nodded.
This is a difficult situation to be facing – for all of us. Yet the one thing I count on is that there are gifts here for us, too. Chuck’s cancer was devastating to both of us 6 years ago, and yet here we are, agreeing that going through it has turned out to be a major gift for our family.
Hindsight always highlights the gift when you are far enough away from the circumstances to see it; that’s the easy part. The thing I count on in the coming months is believing that everything that we are facing holds  a gift for us if we look for it – right now.
I plan to keep looking.


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