There Are No Words

Yesterday my husband Chuck lived a 30-year-old dream-come-true when he flew in a B17 out of Akron Canton Airport.

A 30-year-old Dream Come True

I had the pleasure of accompanying him and recording the event with his Nikon D300 camera. The photos of his joy are beyond words; the look on his face was unforgettable. There are absolutely no words in any language that do justice to that experience ~ it simply must be felt to be understood.
If you want to watch, here’s the video link.
There is something so powerful about letting yourself want something so much that you burst with joy to get it, no matter how long it takes. This is the kind of joy that feeds your Powerful Presence.
That’s what I’m wishing for you today: the gift of unspeakable joy as you live your Dream.

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  1. Jennifer Greising September 16, 2010 at 11:26 am

    If this isn’t a tribute to “you bring about what you think about” then I don’t know what is!!!! Bravo and Awesomeness, Chuck!!!

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