The Tiara Effect

Once you put on a tiara, you discover in a new way that anything really is possible.
Add a tiara to your wardrobe and you start to feel like a queen–every day–whether you’re wearing it or not. Just the memory of it sets your head a little straighter on your shoulders; your shoulders respond by positioning themselves with a more regal strength.
So here’s the first effect in my life of that tiara: I am putting together my very first telesummit in January 2013.
“What’s a telesummit?” you may ask. It’s like a virtual convention; you get to hear a number of exceptional speakers and thought leaders from the comfort of the computer in your home or office. It gives you the chance to connect powerfully to a group of people who are up to something BIG without your ever having to leave town.
Putting something like this together requires all the the Beliefs and Abilities of Powerful Presence; and hey, I’ve got that tiara to remind me that not only do I have what it takes, this is exactly what I’m here to do. The queen doesn’t sit on the sidelines, right? She’s out there, moving things forward in a very visual way!
Although the idea for this telesummit came out of a short conversation I had with my publisher, Lynne Klippel (who’s a veteran telesummit organizer herself), it has grown in leaps and bounds into a living breathing thing as a result of the conversations I’ve had with the amazing women authors, coaches and leaders who have agreed to join me in January. It’s called Dance into 2013! You’ll find your personal invitation to join us in my newsletter this month.
Taking this leap is just the next step on my Journey. I promise to share everything I’m learning with you, so you don’t have to create a telesummit yourself to get the benefit of it.
As I head out on my latest adventure, I’m reminded of a movie I saw in 1984…before I had any inkling of the shape my life would take…at a time when I was feeling completely separated from everything in the world that mattered to me. That movie was The Neverending Story and it introduced me to the possibility that I could have a dream and that there were strategies I could take to make it come true.
If you’ve never seen it — or if it’s been awhile — I hope you’ll take a moment to check out that preview. You might be amazed at what it inspires in you.
Have a very illuminating week!

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