The Simple Shift


Isn’t it funny how different the world seems the moment the clock marks the end of December 31st? Such a simple shift, really, from one minute to the next, as our previous year ends at 11:59 and the new one emerges at the stroke of midnight.

That simple shift from one minute to the next opens up all the opportunities of the coming year—where everything feels new and our resolutions signal our desire to create something different from here on out.

What if this year you could make a simple shift that would open up your year for you?


Lots of us find the physical shift from one year to the next so promising that we reach to create something amazing in the new year. Yet, when we make our resolutions it’s challenging to keep them for longer than a few weeks (at best!). Why is that? It’s not because our hearts aren’t in it.

It’s because most of us don’t have the tools and strategies we need to accomplish the big things we promise ourselves as the New Year dawns at midnight. Now add the possibility of feelings of fear and self-doubt that may surface and even the most stout-hearted of us eventually gives up. And, we’re lucky if we make it to February before that happens.

So what if we could accomplish everything we wanted—no matter how immense or how big of a stretch for usby starting with one simple shift and then building on it?

Think about the simple shifts you’ve made at other times in your life that really made a difference for you. Odds are high that you made a decision in a crucial moment to do something different. Maybe you started to argue with someone you care about, and then chose instead to simply listen to him or her. That simple shift on your part opened up the conversation and in some circumstances, it might have completely changed your relationship.

This year, instead of holding yourself to whatever big resolution you may have made on New Year’s Eve, why not choose to make a simple shift that will change everything?

Check out this month’s practice on to try it out. And if you like what you see there, click here to see how you can accomplish anything you want this year by making a series of simple shifts, with Move Into Your Power.

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