The Secrets of Making a Dream Come True

Don’t you just love that feeling of accomplishment when you make a dream come true?
That’s the feeling I’ve been floating in all week as the calls and emails have come in from friends and colleagues and family members who are buying multiple copies of Dance into Your Power and sharing them with all the people they love. WOW! I’m over the moon about this launch and we have only just begun. This book now has wings of its own and is dancing out beyond me. It’s exhilarating and humbling all at once.
When you think about something you want to accomplish, you begin your own journey to this kind of exhilaration.
When you’re just getting started, though, the road can seem so long. It’s been almost three years since I started this blog with the ember of this launch in my heart. From the perspective of this moment, the time seems to have sped by. In the days and weeks that I was writing, though, the time passed much more slowly and this launch seemed so far away. What has helped me every step of the way, even when the road seemed so long and the launch seemed just out of my reach, were the distinctions, structures and strategies of The Journey to Powerful Presence.
Distinctions help you to find your way along the journey. They can be as easy as knowing that red light means stop and green light means go or as important as telling the difference between something you really want and something other people tell you you should do. Distinctions increase your awareness and expand your resourcefulness.
Here are some of my favorites:


  1. “There’s the first time and perfection, and they do not occur on the same occasion.”

  3. “Everything you experience is essential to your journey.”

  5. “You know who you are, but not who you may be.”

Structures help you to figure out the way something is built so you can decide whether you can use it as it is, whether you want to adapt it with some modifications, or whether you want to build something new. For example, you have a structure for getting your work done. When you’re successful, it’s usually because you’re playing to your strengths. You know what they are (their structure) and you use them to their best effect. When you’re not successful, you can discover what part of the structure isn’t working for you (for example, you’re working when you’re tired, or you’re trying to master something without putting in the time you need, or you don’t have any support.)
Here are some of my favorites:


  1. Your Reticular Activating System is the part of your brain that filters your experience for you. It is programmed by your beliefs in the form of your thoughts. If you want to be successful you must think about what you WANT instead of what you don’t want.

  3. Mapping out the actions you will take to accomplish your dream gives you a road map that will guide you when you’re tired or feeling stressed. Making the map first, and then adjusting it as you need to, will keep you on course.

  5. There is a time of day that you are most resourceful (at night if you’re an “owl” and in the morning if you’re a “lark). When you know your optimal time of the day, your work will be much easier and move along much faster.

Strategies are the actions you take to put your Distinctions and Structures into practice. Getting conscious of your actions requires that you create the how of making your Dream Come True. Strategies allow you to do just that.
Here are some of my favorites:  

  1. Start with the end in mind and congratulate yourself for every step you take towards your dream. (No matter how tiny it feels, each step you take in the direction of your dream gets you closer to your success.)

  3. Pay attention to the lessons in everything that happens. Mine your failures, obstacles and “failures” for the learning they contain. Focus on the lesson you’ve received and use it to move yourself forward or shift your behavior.

  5. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and in your dream. Nobody makes a Big Dream happen by themselves. The quality of your support makes all the difference on your Journey, so choose powerful people who are smarter than you and whose skills and capabilities compliment yours.

No matter where you are in the pursuit of your dreams, there are distinctions, structures and strategies that will help you, too. You’ll find lots of them in Dance into Your Power.

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