The Power of Your Yeses

2010 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year. I can’t believe how quickly the first week has flown by, and how full it has been with enjoyable work and play.
I did notice something interesting, though.
After recommitting to my meditation practice, and being very successful with it over the holidays,  it quickly fell by the wayside on Monday. In the midst of the start of the New Year, with all its promise of engaging work and play, I went right back to my old work habits from 2009.
What’s THAT all about?
It’s only been 2010 for a week; I noticed how “busy” I got, how focused I was on the external things that matter to me and to the people I care about, and how quickly I dropped this practice that feeds my spirit and my soul without even skipping a beat.
When I woke up on Saturday with a whole “free” day ahead of me, the first thing I thought about was getting back to my practice.
The second thing I thought about was “How can I keep this up next week?” since I know this practice feeds my Powerful Presence. Without it, I’m not going to maintain its integrity for very long. That thought is a powerful motivator!
Speaking of Powerful Presence, last year we explored its three foundational Beliefs. This month, we move into the three Abilities, starting with the first one: Walk Your Talk with Integrity.
One of the benefits of practicing this ability is that you will quickly feel it when you’re out of integrity with yourself. It’s not a pleasant feeling, as I rediscovered on Saturday morning.
The good news is this: you’re feeling it, so you can do something about it!
This strategy I recommend is not necessarily easy, although it is very simple: just ask yourself; “What are you saying YES to?”
Nobody tells you this, so let me tell you right now: you only have 10 yeses a day to spend.
Even if you say yes more than 10 times in a day, anything over 10 turns out to be a NO. That’s because it’s not physically possible to do more than 10 things in a day, even though we like to think we can. (And multi-tasking has not lived up to its early press.)
That’s exactly what happened to me last week.
The big question here is “What do you have to say “NO” to, so you can be sure to take that particular “Yes?”
It’s important to note that there is only one set of 10 when it comes to those yeses ~ business & personal are included.
For most of us, at least 6 or 7 of those yeses are already given every day to our families and to our work.
Of the 3 or 4 that are left each day, where are you spending them? Your first step to walking your talk with integrity is to determine where that is.
If what you’re saying and what you’re doing match up, then great! You’re in integrity with yourself.
If, on the other hand, you are saying YES and acting NO, then you’re out of integrity with yourself, and you’ll feel it – just like I did on Saturday morning.
If you do nothing else this week, just pay attention to that.
This week I’m going to be paying better attention and counting those daily Yeses. I hope you will join me, starting with the most important “Yes” you want to take for yourself.
If you’re feeling adventuresome, make sure you get at least one big Yes for yourself every day this week. Let me know how it goes.
Next week: “The Power of NO…”


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