The Power of Your Voice

What are you doing tomorrow?
Are you going to enjoy the day and go on with your life because you’ve already cast your vote in early voting, or are you getting ready to make your voice heard by casting your vote at your polling place? Or have you simply had enough of all the rhetoric and are making plans to sit this one out?
There are always three choices, right?
Today’s blog theme is a short one: please make your choices in this election known by voting.
No matter which candidate you support, your voice matters in the conversation. The beauty of democracy lies in our willingness to stay in the conversation with each other for the good of this country and for the sake of moving forward positively for our future.
Now what does this have to do with Powerful Presence?
Powerful Presence is the ability to be conscious of your actions and your impact. It’s about being authentically YOU in every moment, and being able to access your most powerful self in any circumstances.
This election season has been a particularly brutal one, with emotions running high on both sides. In the face of all the media hype, several people I know have found it very useful to turn off the outside media noise and turn into their own thoughts and hearts. That’s been my strategy as well. Those of us who have chosen this path have discovered that it’s much easier to decide what you want to do when you can hear your own thoughts about the issue.
So this election I hope you will listen to your heart ~ that still small voice that tells you what is truth for you.
And trust it with your vote.

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