The Power of Wearing A Tiara (Who knew??)

The idea that wearing a tiara could increase my Powerful Presence had never occurred to me.
Then I was given a tiara last Monday evening and discovered just how empowering the experience can be. WOW. Who knew??
At my NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) book launch party, two wonderful women collaborated to make sure that I had the first tiara of my life.
What do you do when someone who loves you presents you with a tiara? You put it on.
You might be surprised to discover the power of a tiara. It turns out that it’s almost impossible to wear it if you believe you don’t deserve it. Think about it: WHO wears a tiara? Only royalty, who are raised from infancy to believe they deserve everything good, and the very rich, who are raised to believe they can achieve anything. Wearing a tiara is completely congruent with their beliefs; it’s like wearing a hat in winter for the rest of us.
Even if you weren’t born wealthy or royal, you can still wear a tiara with grace. All you have to do is believe you can!
If you’re wondering why I say that, consider the alternative to this belief: If you don’t feel like royalty on the inside, it’s practically impossible to get a tiara on your head. It just feels wrong (or stupid). If you manage to get it on, it’s difficult to keep it on because you feel ridiculous. A tiara is a pretty brazen expression of power. The wearer has to carry herself like a Queen to pull off wearing one so she doesn’t risk looking like a fool (or worse, like an imposter!)
In the last week, I’ve learned a lot from wearing my tiara. This practice is completely in line with the three Beliefs of Powerful Presence:


  1. You bring about what you think about: Absolutely! I’m walking around feeling like a Queen–and that helps me to ACT like one. Whether I’m wearing my tiara or not, I have the memory of it on my head and I’m conscious of how I carry myself, even if I’m bare-headed. Dancing has improved my posture tremendously; thinking like a Queen has taken it to the next level. The addition of a tiara to my wardrobe has affected me on a cellular level; you can see it written all over my face.

  3. You have what it takes: This belief got me here in the first place. Owning my tiara just takes it up a notch. Now I’m clear that I’m up for bigger things. Powerful Presence will go global because I know that I have what it takes to take it there. (And the first activity that will take it in that direction happens in January 2013!) The most fun thing about this was wearing my tiara to two social occasions over the weekend. When asked whether I enjoyed being a princess, I smiled and replied that “it’s good to be Queen!” And when the person would say, “Like, oh yeah, Queen for a Day?” I had fun telling them that since I owned the tiara I was going to keep the title of Queen for the rest of my life. My top favorite result of wearing my tiara this weekend was when several women asked me if I knew where they could get their own tiara.

  5. Obstacles bring gifts: When you’re playing the game of life at the level of Queen, the stakes are a lot higher and the risks are a lot greater. Believing that “We’re only as big as what stops us” gives me the courage to face bigger obstacles and step out into arenas that I’ve never attempted before. Since I know there is always a pony in even the biggest pile of manure, I know that every obstacle I overcome will increase my Powerful Presence exponentially and help me to transform the lives of more people than I can count. My tiara is the signal from the Universe that now’s the time to play full out as a world changer.

Although it’s only been a week since I received my tiara, I’ve noticed a big difference in my approach to life. Already positive and proactive, now I’m embracing “world class.” In future blogs, you’ll see more information about my first telesummit, Dance into 2013, where I’ll be collaborating with some exceptionally powerful women to help you bring dancing into your life on multiple levels so you can embrace the power of the New Year with everything you’ve got.
In the meantime, I hope you start looking for your tiara!

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