The Power Of The Big Stretch

When was the last time you took a big stretch out of your comfort zone & tried something new…something that terrified you?
In my first Annual International Powerful Presence Telesummit this month, best-selling author and Professionally Certified NLP Coach Kate Burton reminded us that taking a big stretch like this is the only way we develop deep confidence. When we tackle something that seems big enough to scare us, we can only learn from it. When we overcome the circumstances that held us back with fear, it directly makes us feel bigger and smarter. It gives us the confidence to tackle the next big thing that comes a long with the empowering belief that we have what it takes.
Kate nailed my experience completely in this last month since my year-end blog. My big stretch was facing something I call my techno-terror…something that’s grown bigger over the last 10 years that I’ve  attributed to the way I learn and the fact that  I much prefer to connect with people than technology. Since I’ve gotten very powerful at avoiding those things I I want to avoid and bringing into my life those things I truly value, this was a huge wake-up call!
So you won’t be surprised to know that in the course of my prep for my very first telesummit, the techno-terror set in. Of course it could have been prompted by the very tight timeline I gave us, which required that  we pull everything together in the space of about 2 months (instead of the 6 months that a more savvy person would have taken). Two weeks before we were set to launch, I still hadn’t mastered my new technology: Instant Teleseminar, a very robust and useful training platform.
Working with my 7 colleagues made me want to be the best I could be. In that striving for my best, I unearthed tech skills I had long forgotten from my Navy days. In the process, I discovered that techno-terro will not kill you, it’s a total illusion. Facing it will definitely increase your confidence, as well as your readiness to harness the power of the latest technology to create communication and conversation around the globe.
So here’s what I learned:

  1. Facing your fears is only half as scary as letting them run your life (imagine my chagrin if I hadn’t been able to launch this international telesummit because of a raging case of techno-terror at the eleventh hour!)
  2. Using the inspiration of the people who matter to you helps you be willing to jump over the inevitable hurtles (like fighting for Queen and country, putting a face on the people who you’re doing it for–and with–inspires you over your fear.)
  3. Giving yourself ample time to learn something new will eliminate your anxiety. When you don’t have the luxury of time, requesting and accepting the assistance of a knowledgeable and patient friend is the antidote to your terror, whether it’s techno or not. Being willing to ask for help creates a win for all concerned.

If you want to see the impact of my taking that big stretch over my techno-terror, you can hear the replays of these truly illuminating and inspiring sessions by signing up at our website. Your email sign up will instantly result in your getting the link to the replays of all eight sessions.
Now that I’ve mastered Instant Teleseminar, I’m off to tackle Google Hangouts, as well as creating podcasts and audio books.
What will you accomplish in 2013 with your big stretch?

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