The Power of NO

Last week, we explored The Power of Yes and how you can best use the 10 yeses you have at your disposal every day.
In the past week, I have focused on whether any request is a “Hell YES!” or a “Hell, NO!” As a result, I’ve become even more sold on the power of both.
I promised you that I would report back about the yeses I was choosing for myself.
My biggest yes for myself was meditating daily. I did it every day without fail – including 2 days when Chuck and I were driving and I meditated in the car (headphones really help!)
Because of my renewed commitment to this practice, I am seeing its benefits all over my life. For example: my blood pressure has lowered to around 110/68 – this is down from averages of 123/75 to 130/80 – my patience is becoming Job-like, and my previously-honed ability to stay resourceful in spite of circumstances is increasing daily.
As I focused on where I said yes and where I said no, I realized something interesting: yeses and nos had different jobs to do. My yeses supported me and my goals; my nos protected my boundaries.
I said yes to the requests that move me forward, yes to those that support the people & circumstances that maintain me personally, and yes to those that support me doing my work in the world.
I said no to those requests that would take my focus away from my important yeses and to those requests that would turn my yeses into nos, despite my best intentions.
It was amazing to make that distinction.
It’s a little embarrassing to realize that although I have been teaching this yes and no thing since I was a substance abuse counselor in the 80s, I never took the time to scrutinize it as closely as I did last week.
So after all these years my investigation has turned an idea that I learned long ago, and have taught for years, into my dedicated personal practice.
This week I invite you to pay attention to your yeses and nos – use them strategically and see what happens. Let me know how it goes!
Next time: the daily blog begins…


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