The Power of Marvelous

Maintaining your Powerful Presence requires that you get enough sleep, eat fresh nourishing food and get enough exercise to get your heart moving and your blood flowing; it requires that you have enough space and time to breathe, so you can deeply relax.
When you are powerfully present, you actually feel marvelous.
According to my American Heritage Dictionary, that means “of the highest or best kind or quality, first rate.” When you feel physically  marvelous, you have the energy and stamina to feel mentally and emotionally marvelous. When you feel marvelous, you’re at the top of your game; that’s when you’ve got all the resources you need to handle anything that comes your way.
When you feel less than marvelous, it’s the alarm going off  indicating that your body needs something from you right now.
Some of my clients, colleagues and friends have told me that their typical response to feeling less than marvelous is to “just push through it.” I’ve been told that “we’re not supposed to feel marvelous all the time! Come on – this is real life, not some fairy tale.” These are people who are not at the top of their game, although they would like to be and work hard for it.
Do you think that Steve Jobs feels marvelous right now? How about Oprah? Think of anyone you know, famous or not, who positively glows, and I’ll bet you they’re feeling marvelous.
Marvelous shows.
Considering the evidence, I’ve come to believe that feeling marvelous is our natural state, something our body really wants to be in all the time. When I feel marvelous, I’m clear that I’m at my most effective and efficient; I’ve worked with and know other people who have experienced the exact same thing.
What’s your personal definition of  marvelous? What makes you feel at the top of your game? Given the choice of feeling marvelous or not, I’m advocating for finding ways to feel marvelous  every single day.
And I’m going to start using the word marvelous more often, too.

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