The Power of Diving Into Deep Water

On the wall of my office, right over my desk, is a short  poem by an anonymous author.
I found it while traveling in the Thousand Islands area of New York about 15 years ago and it totally knocked me out. I’ve never gotten over the feeling I had when I first read it; it hits me the same way every time I read it again. This evening as I arrive at my desk for my date with this blog, it’s clear to me that this poem has  contributed deeply to my understanding of  the Journey to Powerful Presence.
The poem is called The River of Life.

The soul enters a body
at the river’s edge
and there begins
a superb journey.
Some are content
to merely wade
in the shallow waters
near the shore.
Others venture
into deeper water
to see how it feels
to be buoyant
and to swim.


Powerful Presence lives in the deep water; to take the journey there, you have to be willing to go deep.


I live in the deep end of the proverbial pool; it’s easy for me to go deep, easy for me to help my clients and my fellow travelers go deep.


Over the last three weeks, I’ve had to go deeper than I could go alone and I had to ask for help.


In 6 sessions over the last three weeks, I’ve had the assistance of a skilled therapist at Stewart’s Caring Place to go deep with the long-hidden grief that hit me from out of nowhere when I got the news of our family member’s cancer.


Here’s what I learned:


  1. There is always somewhere deeper to explore if you are willing.
  2. Even people who are highly skilled in their chosen profession can hit a wall of emotion that defies logic and requires assistance to maneuver through.
  3. The willingness to ask for help is a sign of strength, not weakness ~  your willingness to be vulnerable will guarantee 95% of your success (the rest of it depends on your willingness to do the work required).

Now that I’m on the other side of this experience, it looks like just another destination on the Journey.
The power of diving into deep water is the expanded perspective you get: you can always go deeper anytime you choose.

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