The Power of Dancing

Before I wrote Dance into Your Power, I had no idea how much writing it would change me.
The idea for the book was a simple one: I uncovered the process that has helped me to transform my life and I want to share it. I synthesized it down into a simple structure of three Empowering Beliefs, three Resourceful Actions and three Focused Actions and called it the Journey to Powerful Presence.
When I turned my process into a 12-week teleclass in September 2009, the five women who enrolled were taking a chance on it—and on me. Together we explored the distinctions, structures and strategies I’d developed and together we discovered that it was all transferable. The experience inspired me to continue teaching teleclasses each quarter, as well develop live classes and even advanced classes. It also surfaced in me a fervent desire to put my process into a book so millions of people could read and benefit from it, even if we never met.
That was the easy part.
Once I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish with this book, the way to make it happen eluded me for over two years as I struggled with the best way to present it to the people who would want it the most. Ultimately, I discovered that the only requirement for this book to exist was my willingness to write it in a format that was thoroughly revealing and personal. After exhausting every other possibility, I finally realized that I had to tell my own story: where I come from, what I learned, and how I transformed all the obstacles I faced into the distinctions, structures and strategies I teach in the Journey to Powerful Presence.
Although the places from where I come and the struggles I’ve faced are no longer visible on me, they are the foundation of everything I know and everything I teach in the three Empowering Beliefs, the three Resourceful Actions and the three Focused Actions that make up the Journey. Only by adopting and developing them can you dance into your own power.
What surprised me over the last three years of sharing these three foundational elements of Powerful Presence is how much they have become instinct in me and how much that deepening instinct has allowed me to take greater risks than have ever been possible before.
Not only has the Journey to Powerful Presence inspired me to transform my business into one that is even more thoroughly authentic than ever, it’s allowed me to jump into something I’ve always loved yet thought was impossible for me:
Now I’ve embraced the fact that I am, and always have been, a dancer.
(WHEW! I just said that in public.)
Although it’s true that the whole point of the Journey to Powerful Presence, my Powerful Presence coaching and the book Dance into Your Power is to help you develop the #3 Ability, which is to “Dance with whatever shows up,” for years my dancing has mostly been mental and emotional. Now I’ve taken this secret dream of mine and taken focused action by registering for a 36-week Modern Dance class with Inlet Dance Theater in Cleveland that starts on September 27.  I’m deepening the #1 Ability: Walk your talk with Integrity.
This is just one of the things that writing this book has allowed me to do. I wonder what reading it will allow you to do.
Five weeks from now, on October 15, Dance into Your Power launches on—43 years to the day that I ran away from home with the clothes on my back and $30 in my pocket to start the journey that led to this book. I hope you will join me in getting the word out about it after investigating it further yourself. You’ll find lots of details—as well as a free gift for signing up for my newsletter, where you can find an excerpt of the first three chapters of the book—on my website at
Have a very illuminating week…and I hope you dance!

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  1. It will be great to read it! Can’t wait! I bought a full page in Kirby’s yearbook in 2005 (can you believe she’s now 25) and I had the words to the song “I hope You Dance” by LeAnn Rimes printed in the background. It reminded me of all the times I’ve told Kirby to “dance” because there will always be ups and downs in life, but its how you dance to all the blessings (good and bad) that make a difference.

    • Thank you Cheri! And you are SO right about that song ~ it is exactly the point I want to make with this book. There are so many ways to go through your life ~ and like Lee Ann, I hope you DANCE! And now that Dance into Your Power is out on Amazon, I hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile, I’ll be in Austin in January 2013 and I’d love to autograph it for you!!

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