The Power of Conversation

This morning I’m thinking about public speaking.
It’s something I love doing with a passion and love watching other people do well.  However, just the mere thought of it will dry up the moisture in the mouths of 80% of the population.
The good news is that using the strategies of Powerful Presence will make you a better speaker.
Most people would rather be in the coffin than speak the eulogy ~  for  good reasons. What if they knew there’s a simple strategy to remedy that? Imagine how that would change the conversation on the planet.
So let’s get down to the physiology of it for a moment: what dries up the moisture in your mouth has everything to do with your thoughts.  Since you bring about what you think about ~ your thoughts about speaking are your #1 line of defense – or offense.
Since 80% of the population immediately starts to think about how BAD they are at speaking, it makes total sense that they would rather die than speak. Just the thought of speaking, which launches the feelings of immanent danger and immediate terror, is enough to lay you in your grave.
What if you thought about how much you enjoy talking to your friends about things that matter to you? Or how great you are at telling stories to your friends and family?
Being great at conversation can directly translate to skill at public speaking.
The funny thing is that most people who don’t want to speak in public can point to a significant, emotional experience that happened when they were in grade school, that convinced them that they could not do it.
One emotional experience knocked out all possibility!
If you are comfortable and skilled at casual conversation, here’s where the Three Beliefs will make a world of difference:


  1. You bring about what you think about: think about how good you are at SOMETHING so you start your exploration of speaking in a positive physical and emotional state. This is the only state in which you can learn and excel.

  3. You have what it takes: think about what you can do instead of what you can’t. Bring to mind the things you’re good at when you speak to family and friends and you’re all engaged in the conversation. This one thought can change your physiology immediately and get the perfect amount of moisture right back in your mouth.

  5. Every obstacle brings a gift: your fear of public speaking is an obstacle to your success. One of the gifts of having this particular obstacle is that it opens the doors to exploration in a way that nothing else does. You’d be amazed to know how many great speakers from all walks of life started out with only a desire to reduce their terror.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the Three Abilities and see how they connect to speaking well.
In the meantime, I’m going to put that first Belief to work and schedule one of my PowerSpeak classes this month!

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