The Power of Conversation ~ Part 2

Yesterday we talked about the transformative results of applying the Three Beliefs of Powerful Presence to your speaking.
You may find that just taking the three actions from yesterday’s post can shift your experience of speaking enough that you’re ready to try my next three strategies. They are rooted in the Three Abilities:


  1. Walk Your Talk With Integrity
  2. Relate to Others
  3. Dance With Whatever Shows Up

I’ve discovered over the last 10 years as a speaking coach that every single thing that blocks your success as a speaker can be remedied by either these three abilities and or those three beliefs.
Yesterday I said that although few people have any trouble speaking about anything to their friends, the mere suggestion of speaking in public sends these same people into a panic. My clients have told me over and over that what stops them from feeling comfortable when they have to “present” is thinking there’s a certain way they’re supposed to do it, and not knowing what it is. (They do, however, know what it’s not, and that’s the way they currently speak!)
Few people would disagree with the idea that great speakers come in all varieties: there is no “one” type of great speaker. Yet the majority of people who don’t like to speak think there’s a secret formula great speakers have that’s out of their reach.
This is where the first ability of Powerful Presence, Walk Your Talk With Integrity, can help.
All great speakers know who they are; they never try to be anyone else. The lesson here: Just be yourself when you speak – it’s compelling and people trust it. When you walk your talk with integrity,  you are comfortable in your own skin – and your audience can feel it.
Once you are comfortable in your own skin, you’re free to capitalize on the second ability: Relate to Others.
Another secret of great speakers is being clear that speaking is not about them; their focus is on the audience. They relate to the audience in a dialogue that’s compelling and engaging ~ exactly the way you do over coffee or at dinner with friends and family. Remember that speaking is about the audience. What do they care about ? What do they want to know? Focus your presentation on the audience and you will knock it out of the park.
Finally, now that you’re clear about being yourself and focusing on the audience, you’re ready for the third ability: Dance With Whatever Shows Up.
This simply translates to: Be Flexible. 90% of great speaking is preparation. Know yourself and know your audience; be prepared to handle whatever shows up with flexibility and grace.
Powerful Presence will be the secret to your speaking success.

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