The Gift in the Obstacle

It’s zero dark thirty on the Monday of Thanksgiving week and I’m thinking about you.

What’s your life like this morning? How’s your week shaking out? The holidays are fast upon us and everyone I’ve talked to over the last few days is already mentally cooking and baking– or watching football.
Families are preparing to travel – or receive travelers – and some folks have already taken the week off. The rest are using the week to connect with clients or prospects and wrap up loose ends before Wednesday.
This might seem like an obstacle to a writer intent on sharing the next piece of the story ~ and ~ that’s just one possibility.
Knowing that the third Belief of Powerful Presence is There’s A Gift in Every Obstacle helps me to shift my perspective this morning from what I want to share to what you want to read. Once I shift into 2nd Gear, I can see that what’s true for so many us right now: that deep desire to unplug from work so we can connect with family and friends and be thankful for what we have.
The next part of the book can wait. Next week will be here soon enough.
From my  home to yours, from my family to yours ~ Happy Thanksgiving! When I list the things I’m grateful for, I’m including you.
Next Week: Finding the Gifts

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