The Best Gift Ever

Ice covered evergreen

Why not take a moment sometime in the next 24 hours to make yourself a cup of your favorite hot winter beverage, curl up in a cozy spot with a pen and pad, consider the qualities of your favorite gift and make some notes.

•  What feelings did it evoke?
•  Did it make you smile?

•  Did it surprise you?
•  Had you wanted it for a long time?
•  Did it make you feel understood and/or cherished by the giver?
•  Is it precious to you because of your relationship with the giver?

Once you’ve listed everything that made your favorite gift–well, your favorite–what did you discover? You may be surprised to learn that what most of us treasure holds a meaning for us that far exceeds the gift itself.

Making this holiday season special for those on your gift-giving list becomes so much easier when you stop to consider what they will treasure most.

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