The $10 Million Transformation

I had no idea how powerful a question it was when I asked myself “If you had $10 million in the bank today, what would be different for you?”
The first words out of my mouth were, ” I wouldn’t DRESS the way I do!” Exploring exactly what that meant for me led me to the much deeper question of “What does how I dress have to do with my Powerful Presence?” The answer turned out to be, “Everything.”
Without going into the details of that whole illuminating journey, I can tell you that I learned Three Powerful Things this week:


  1. The deeper I’m willing to explore my own authentic self,  on every level, the more deeply resourceful I get at helping my clients to explore theirs.

  3. The amount of fun I’m having in life is directly related to the depth of my connection to myself–and how much I allow myself to express my most quirky and off-the-beaten-path way of being.

  5. The moment I release any attachment to anyone’s opinion of me or my ideas or beliefs, I instinctively hold true to the clarity of my own vision.  As a result, my presence immediately becomes more authentic–and that makes it more powerful.

So I hope my learning will inspire you this week to ask yourself the $10 million question and see just where it leads you.
As a regular reader of this blog, you’ll see how this new clarity is inspiring my brand in my online presence. When you see me in person as I’m speaking, training and networking, you’re sure to notice something different…
There’s already a lot more sparkle!

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