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Most people talk much nicer to other people than they do to themselves. Why is that?
That certainly begs the question: how’s that working for you?
When you talk to other people, there are lots of reasons to be as positive as possible: it might be your boss, or a colleague, or a neighbor, or your child’s teacher. Each of them has a relationship with you that just works better when you’re positive.
Yet when you’re alone with yourself, it’s easy to figure that nobody knows what you’re saying, so you can certainly take out any frustrations you may have about your day or your circumstances on yourself. We call that “talkin trash” and some of us have been doing it to ourselves since we were kids.
Although it took me a very long time to discontinue that behavior with myself, it was the science I learned about it that made me quit. Beating myself up all the time just made me feel stupid and left me totally un-resourceful. It turns out that when we  “talk trash” to ourselves, we put ourselves  in the state of “fight or flight” and our brain only works at a primitive level. That makes it very hard to get our work done each day, let alone be resourceful in a crisis.
One of my mentors made this point to me and it stopped me in my tracks: “Think about it,” he said. “Do you think the royal family talks trash to themselves? How about famous musicians like Mozart of Bach or scientists like Madame Curie or Albert Einstein or inventors like Henry Ford or Thomas Edison? How about Tony Robbins?”
It was clear to me in that moment that each one of these people has proved this point with their lives: creating remarkable results requires that you talk nice to yourself and nourish yourself with your words. The day I realized that was the day I started learning how to do it.
Like all of nature, we’re hard-wired to flourish with nourishing thoughts. The great news is that all you have to do to flourish is to pay attention to how you talk to yourself.
Talk nice to yourself and see what happens to your experience for the next week.

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