Starting the Week Out Right

This morning there were two fawns looking in our living room window.
The wonder of this – aside from the obvious – is that this was the first time we had actually seen them, although we had been aware of their presence for several weeks.They are clearly testing their strength, curiosity and independence right now; this morning Chuck and I were the beneficiaries of their growth.
Our experience at Fallingwater really brought home the fact that as we humans hurry through our busy days accomplishing things, there is so much that we miss. Since we came home, I’ve been focusing on slowing things down as much as possible so I can be present enough to catch the natural wonders all around me.
Yesterday I was out in the yard at dawn, walking on the bridge across our little stream, drinking in the peace of the place and the hour. Then, right in front of me, appeared a hummingbird busily at work among the daylilies. For a few moments it seemed like time had stopped. I was simply a part of the flowers and the trees and Nature all around me.
This experience is one of the gifts of Powerful Presence, specifically in the Ability to Dance With Whatever Shows Up.
Most people assume this Ability will help you to handle the difficult circumstances that show up. It will ~ and it’s also great for being in the present moment so you can discover and  enjoy the beauty all around you.
Mondays have the bad press of being the start of the work week; not a fun thing. When you remember that You Bring About What You Think About, you can put a new spin on  Monday when you pause long enough to look for the beauty around you and breathe it in.
Now maybe you don’t live near trees or fawns or hummingbirds ~ no problem. There is something beautiful about every place when you stop and look for it. You might even discover that the beauty you seek is reflected back to you in the eyes of someone who loves you.
As you begin your week this week, I hope you Dance.

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