Under the shadow of COVID-19, the world is moving at warp speed to find ways to adapt. Fear, uncertainty and the pressure to change have left organizations scrambling to keep up like never before. We no longer have years or decades to respond to change—we need to constantly update our business strategies to survive.

That’s where Reinvention comes in.

Developing a Reinvention Mindset will not only help your leaders to find ways to do more with less, it will help your team to be more effective day-to-day.

"[My] experiences with Maia convinced me that she has a gift for helping people to access the potential that is within them and to translate that into being more confident, powerful and effective."

Lisa Kious McGovern, Community Development Lender,
Key Bank

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Using Maia’s signature Reinvention toolset, Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead Faster you can learn to reinvent your leadership in three ways:

  1. Explore Reinvention at your own pace with a growing toolset of Free Resources.
  2. Bring a customized Reinvention Training to your leadership team—it’s 100% engaging and up to 100% online
  3. Check out the Reinvention Coaching possibilities with a complimentary 30-minute coaching session. Decide for yourself if you’re ready to choose Maia as your Reinvention Coach—either individually, or for you and your team.

“Maia provided (my former company) with not only information…but valuable tools that we can use moving forward. In addition, Maia brings enthusiasm and optimism to the table, and this helps grease the wheels and start a discussion among obstinate leadership peers who may be struggling with communication. Her creativity and fearlessness are exactly what the doctor ordered, and she does it with a good-humored and disarming style. If [communication challenges] are spoiling your company from within, then I would strongly recommend Maia.”

Eric Camulli, now VP of Marketing at 7signal

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Reinvention is the practice of continually anticipating change, designing your response to change and then implementing that response, in order to manifest new and improved attributes, qualities and results. Its purpose is to help you—and your organization—to thrive, both today and tomorrow. In the process, you develop a Reinvention Mindset and employ cutting edge toolsets and skillsets.

“Maia has an uncanny ability to pull back the curtain of uncertainty, misunderstandings and assumptions—so you can peer through to the VISION and move forward."

Eva Leos, Senior Event Coordinator, Fiatech; Chapter President,
MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter

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Maia Beatty

Chief Reinvention Officer

Maia is the Chief Reinvention Officer of Maia Beatty & Associates.

Chuck Beatty

Chief Designer