Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead Faster

Why Simple Shifts?

For the past three decades, as she focused on helping her clients to develop mindset strategies for their success, Maia found that developing both personal and professional leadership is an inside job. Lately she has discovered that so is developing a Reinvention Mindset.

Although every client has unique requirements for developing this kind of mindset, the common denominator for each of them was the capacity to identify obstacles and be able to interrupt them with updated thoughts, beliefs about themselves, and behaviors, so they could move forward to achieve their goals.

In 2017, her experience of working with thousands of clients led Maia to coin the term, “Simple Shifts to Forge Ahead Faster” to describe these updated thoughts, beliefs about themselves, and behaviors and “Unconscious Traps” to describe the obstacles we all face.

Now anyone can identify:

Here’s why Simple Shifts matter: choosing them will allow you to thrive in every situation, whether you are accomplishing your goals as a leader, having difficult conversations with important people in your life, deepening your professional or personal relationships, or expanding your influence with by developing a more positive speaking presence in the new online environment.

As you can see from the graphic below, your perception can bring you three different kinds of results. Being unaware of your Unconscious Traps will take you directly to being “Stuck.” Yet choosing Simple Shifts can redirect you away from being Stuck and move you, at a minimum to “Neutral” and ultimately to creating your own “Remarkable Results.”

Whether you are working with Maia as a coaching client or participating in one of her online trainings, you will discover exactly how to choose your own Simple Shifts and interrupt your Unconscious Traps.

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