Say Yes to Yourself… First

What would you do with 10 Yeses for yourself that you could spend any way you like–without any guilt?
This weekend I did just that–I spent every one of those Yeses on myself for three days straight. There is an absolute luxury to saying Yes to yourself that clears your mind, feeds your Soul and soothes your body. After three days of nourishing myself, I’m ready to dance in a truly fluid way with anything  that shows up. I feel invincible, smarter than ever, and I’ve actually reduced the time it takes me to walk a mile by 5 minutes!
On a Tuesday after a holiday weekend, when I would typically be dragging back to work,  I’m feeling on top of the world.
Given that many people I know and love are not basking in that luxury this morning, now’s the perfect time to share this strategy, just in case you might find it useful for the next long weekend.
This powerful strategy is based on this mathematical formula:

Every Yes Costs You One No.


p style=”text-align: center;”>And Conversely: Every No Buys You One Yes.

Think about it: if you say Yes to one thing, you have to say No to something else. Your mission is to decide what you’ll say Yes to, based on your own goals, desires and personality.

And the interesting thing about this is that other people are always ready to help you say YES to things that benefit them. No harm meant, it’s just human nature to really enjoy it when someone else says Yes to us or to something we want from them.

Sometimes we can get so focused on saying Yes to the people who matter the most to us, we forget to say Yes to ourselves; that’s where the trouble begins.


So here’s a Law of Nature that can help you stay on track:

  • You only  have 10 Yeses a Day to Spend–everything else is a NO.
  • Whether you use them or not, your available number of Yeses zeroes out by midnight.
  • You start with a new set of 10 Yeses every morning.

Now most of us use 7 or 8 of our Yeses every single day on the job and with our family. If you’re a Woman Leader who’s also a Wife and a Mom, or if you’re in the Sandwich Generation, caring for aging parents, most of your Yeses are already spent before you open your eyes in the morning. No problem. That’s what makes life rich.
Here’s what makes life even richer: saving 2 of those Yeses for yourself.
Giving yourself a Yes can be easier than you might think:

  • If you’re doing a job you’re passionate about, going to work is a Yes.
  • If being a parent is one of your missions in life, spending time with your kids is a Yes.
  • If you’re an extravert, spending a long weekend in the midst of family and friends is a Yes.
  • And if you’re an introvert, spending a long weekend in solitude is a Yes.

Here’s the trick: You decide what’s a Yes for you. Claim two for yourself every day. Whenever you get the chance, claim another one or two when the opportunity presents itself.
It’s like they tell you every time you fly, “Put the oxygen on your own nose and mouth before attempting to help someone else.”
Say Yes to yourself, every day. You’ll be astonished at the energy it will give you to dance with whatever shows up!

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