Reinvention Coaching

“Humans are allergic to change. The most damaging phrase in the language is “We’ve always done it this way!”

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, 1987


COVID 19 has changed the way we do everything. Although the idea that “we’ve always done it this way” is still with us, our new reality does not support that. If we want to thrive today as well as thrive tomorrow, it’s time to Reinvent Our Leadership.

That’s where Reinvention Coaching comes in.

What is Reinvention Coaching?

Reinvention Coaching is a trusted, facilitative relationship between a key contributor in an organization (i.e., manager, director, owner) and a Certified Reinvention Practitioner who is also a Board Certified Coach, focused on increasing that leader’s capacity to strategically move their organization forward in the midst of unrelenting change and the perception of chaos. Reinventing Your Leadership has now become a critical component of every successful organization.

How Do Leaders Benefit from Reinvention Coaching?

Coaching with a Certified Reinvention Practitioner can support you in your efforts to:

  • anticipate change in the current COVID environment,
  • design the changes in your strategic thinking and leadership behavior that will best support your success and
  • implement the changes that will best move you—and your organization forward.

With the increased clarity and self-awareness you gain from your coaching relationship, you’ll be able to:

  • Capitalize on reinvention opportunities that are currently out of your reach—or invisible to you
  • Design your own sustainable strategies to handle any challenge you face
  • Explore approaches that will ignite the capacity of your team—no matter what the task
  • Recognize barriers that prevent your greatest success—and experience moving through them
  • Speak confidently in front of any size audience—even online
  • Transform your problem-solving process into a search engine for what you want

How is Reinvention Coaching different from Consulting or Therapy?

Consulting is… Therapy is… Leadership Coaching is…
being given the options of WHAT to do, based on the consultant’s experience. being helped to discover WHY things happened in the past and why they’re stopping you from moving forward. exploring HOW your actions in the present are contributing to the results you’re getting, so you can expand the choices available to you.

Coaching supports you to move from being merely effective to creating the optimal results for yourself and your team, so you can thrive today as well as tomorrow, no matter what challenges you face.

In the process you will be able to develop new strategies and distinctions as you update your beliefs about what’s possible.

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