Reinvent Your Leadership Development

“Whatever your personal beliefs and experiences, I invite you to consider that we need a new worldview to navigate this chaotic time. We cannot hope to make sense using our old maps. It won’t help to dust them off or reprint them in bold colors. The more we rely on them, the more disoriented we become. They cause us to focus on the wrong things and blind us to what’s significant. Using them, we will journey only to greater chaos.”

― Margaret J. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World, 1994

COVID-19 has put us on notice that our old maps for Leadership no longer work. With so much of the workforce still sheltered in place, we are left trying to solve the question of how we can lead our teams forward using the (mostly) online space to achieve our organizational goals. And we’re still working out how to harness our own capabilities for leading them in the face of unrelenting change and uncertainty.

That’s where Reinvent Your Leadership Development comes in.

There is no one right way to reinvent in the current business climate; each leader and team faces unique challenges they must navigate. There is no “one size fits all” kind of training when it comes to developing your Leaders.

At its heart, true leadership is built on a suite of interpersonal behaviors that allow you to shift yourself from “the action” of performing the tasks inherent to your organization’s success to a new objective: to identify and develop the potential of others.

The job of a leader is to focus on providing the environment where your team can take your organization to the next level in this new global environment. This requires both a depth of self-awareness and exceptional communication skills, along with game-changing interpersonal distinctions and strategies.

The Reinvent Your Leadership Development suite of online training elements supports all three: we support you in achieving your organizational objectives by increasing your capacity to achieve remarkable results through the efforts of your team. That’s why it’s the suite of elements from which we build your unique solutions as we customize the Simple Shifts you need to make.

To get there, we explore three crucial facets of your current experience in the foundational 3-hour online training session, so you can identify the strategies you need to update in order to thrive today as well as tomorrow:

  • What are you currently blind to?
  • What old strategies are you still using on new challenges?
  • Where are you and your team merely keeping busy in the hopes of a better tomorrow?


The Foundational Reinvention Course:

This 3-hour course sets the stage for Reinvention, introduces you to the three elements of Reinvention and shows you how to employ them in your own business:

  1. The three human errors that continue to cause the demise of business giants—like Neiman Marcus, Century 21 and Hertz—and lie at the heart of our current need to Reinvent.
  2. The distinction of Unconscious Traps: those outdated thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that hold you and your team back—or stop you from accomplishing your goals.
  3. The distinction of Simple Shifts: those updated thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that move you and your team forward—and help you to create remarkable results under any circumstances.

Additional Elements from Which to Choose

For Emerging Leaders

  • Develop Your Reputation as a Leader: with the three interpersonal qualities that facilitate the highest performance on your team. (3 hours)
  • Clarify Your Leadership Strengths and Opportunities: with a sustainable strategy for deepening your self-awareness and creating your personal leadership blueprint. (3 hours)

For Any Leader

  • Refine Your Ability to Respond to “Difficult” Team Members: with a three-step strategy and three Simple Shifts for creating sustainable results on your team. (6 hours)
  • Reconsider the Usefulness of Conflict on Your Leadership Team: with a blueprint of the two types of conflict and the characteristics of each one’s impact on your teams performance. (3 to 6 hours, depending on the issue you want to address)
  • Align Your Impact with Your Intentions: with three interpersonal distinctions and three Simple Shifts that will bring out the best in each of your team members. (3 hours)
  • Discover the Relationship Between Accountability and Results: with a new understanding of what accountability really means and the three Simple Shifts you can take to develop it on your team. (3 hours)
  • Examine the Impact of Consequences on Your Bottom Line: with a deep dive into the nature of the two types of consequences, how each one affects your team’s performance—and the three Simple Shifts you can take to increase your bottom line. (3 hours)
  • Add the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment for the participants of this course for a special price—and an exponential impact. In addition to the individual debrief sessions for each team member, you can add a 90-minute team debrief at no additional charge.

Our clients face two kinds of scenarios:

  1. They are unclear about the interpersonal elements that are hindering their performance until they experience them in the initial course.
  2. They know exactly what challenges they are facing, although they are unclear about how to address them.

Either way, we will build a customized Reinvent Your Leadership Development training course for you, using only the elements that address your needs and on a timeline that works for you.

Looking for a leadership topic that you don’t see here? No problem! As Master Course Designers, we build courses for our clients as well as adapt our existing courses. Contact Us to see how we can support you.

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“Maia has an immediacy and efficiency that is quite remarkable. From a timeline of just about two months she created and presented a tailored two-day training program for seasoned instructors. Her output was accurate, insightful and effective. Maia crosses the line of ‘great trainer’ and ‘great person’ — which doesn’t happen too much in my experience of training other trainers. While this training was a few years ago I still hear from those trained that they learned a great deal from the class – even from those who truly did not want to be in attendance.”

—Carol Mintz
Director, Center for Emergency Preparedness, Cleveland State University