Reinvent Your Leadership


COVID-19 has turned the world on its head—it came out of nowhere and changed everything overnight. Many otherwise successful leaders have reported feeling like the crew of the Titanic after that iceberg hit.

Reinvention is the antidote to that sinking feeling—it’s a process that allows you to thrive in the midst of unrelenting change and complete uncertainty.

If you’re a leader in your organization—or if you’ve started your own—odds are high that you’re exceptionally skilled at something your organization values. You’ve been promoted—or headed out on your own—because you have a passion for creating or selling something of value. You’ve honed your technical skills to the point where you’re a model for others. You make what you do look easy because you love it so much.

Now the entire world has changed—many professionals are finding that the technical capacities on which they depended have become obsolete overnight. The “new normal” requires a self-awareness and level of interpersonal skill that used to be considered a luxury in business. With the majority of us working remotely, it’s the relationships you build—virtually—that bring you and your organization the greatest success.

Here’s your Reinvention challenge: to identify and develop the potential of others—many of whom are still working virtually—and to step aside from “the action” so you can focus on providing the environment where they can take your organization to the next level.


Leadership in the COVID world requires a different set of skills—and most of us have had to discover them on our own, through trial and error (mostly error).

That’s where Reinvention Coaching is a game-changer. Using the elements of Energy Leadership™, Maia’s signature Reinvention System of  Simple Shifts and a cutting-edge toolkit of Reinvention strategies, you can build the leadership skillset you need to thrive—today as well as tomorrow.

Every client is unique—and although each of us needs a structure to succeed, our work together is as individual as you are. Find out for yourself if coaching with Maia is the best for you with a complementary 30-minute coaching session.

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