PowerUp Your Online Speaking Skills

“If something comes from your heart, it will reach the heart of your audience.”

—Fawzia Koofi, First Woman Deputy Speaker of the Afghan Parliament,
N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of The Favored Daughter

PowerUp* to empower yourself to operate in new ways that boost your success.


As a leader, your job is to identify and develop the potential of others—to step aside from “the action” and focus on providing the environment where they can take your organization to the next level.

That requires a different set of skills—and communicating effectively is at the top of the list. One of the most influential ways that leaders communicate is in front of an audience, whether it’s in a team, committee or board meeting, as part of a professional panel of experts, or in presentations to groups of varying sizes.

Now that COVID-19 has turned most of the meetings you used to hold in person into virtual meetings on a variety of online platforms, many of the speaking strategies that used to worked in person need to be reinvented.


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