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If you’ve been following the previous two posts on networking and taking action on them, odds are very high that you’ve gotten different results with your networking efforts.


As you saw in the first post, when you prepare yourself to attend only those events that fit your optimal time of day, you’re a lot more naturally energized–which makes you eminently more attractive and easier to get to know. And in the second post, you discovered that  when you focus your Attention outside of yourself, you’re much better able to engage in conversations that make people want to talk to you again outside of the event–you’re much easier to like. So you’re well on your way to creating a very successful experience every time you network.


At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the reason for networking is to increase the business relationships you develop–which includes new customers, new referral sources and new business opportunities. When you are attractive and engaging to meet, you make it much easier to open the door to the next conversation. You have left those you meet with the impression that they can trust you, because now you’re someone they know and like. Whether they need your product or service right now, the fact that you focused your conversation on them by listening and being interested, gave them a reason to take the next step with you when the timing is right for them.


So instead of having a pile of cards that you don’t know what to do with, now you’ve got 3-5 cards from people with whom you had a great conversation and you know exactly how to follow up with them:


  1. Is it a coffee or a meal?
  2. What will the purpose be:–to find out more about your products or services, find out more about theirs, or discover other ways to support each other?
  3. How soon will it happen?

By taking care of the front of networking (prepare for it and focus your Attention when you get there) you make the follow up a very simple conversation–one that is easy to do!


When you take action with what you’ve learned in these three posts on networking, you’ll be astounded at the results you’ll get. Let me know how it goes.


If you’ve enjoyed these posts and are interested in finding out more strategies to PowerUp Your Networking, join me for a 4-hour hands on workshop on Thursday March 20, from 8AM-12PM, sponsored by the Madison Perry Chamber .




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