“Maia’s approach to public speaking coaching is wonderful, different from the norm, and incredibly effective. In a surprisingly short amount of time, Maia helped me get clear on my message, increased my confidence, and ‘powered up’ my presence. I’m three times as confident with speaking to groups now than I was before I worked with her.” 

—Kate Franklin, Director, White & Lime Ltd, UK

Tap into your natural speaking ability—focus on your innate strengths when you bring PowerSpeak to your organization or association

The thought of speaking in front of people you want to influence doesn’t have to leave you feeling nauseous. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve considered taking a speech class or joining Toastmasters and you just can’t bear the thought of the critiques.

Since 1999, 100% of PowerSpeak participants have exponentially increased their confidence, ease and skill in speaking in this “different kind of speaking course.” Like them, you will discover that everything you need to be successful as a speaker is right inside you—and always has been.

In PowerSpeak, you and 5 colleagues will:

  • Discover how to tap into your natural speaking ability by focusing on your innate strengths
  • Get feedback—instead of “critiques”—on what you’ve done well (so you can do it again) and be invited to consider what you want to try next time so you can increase your success every time you speak.
  • Experience the power of silence and uncover its capacity to help you engage every audience.
  • Pinpoint the single most effective strategy for eliminating ALL of your anxiety so you can harness the power of your natural speaking strengths.

You can learn more about PowerSpeak in this executive summary. Contact us to bring Maia to your organization for customized sessions that may even include executive or speaking coaching.

“In just one day of PowerSpeak… I learned more and accomplished more than I had in over 10 years of being certified in Toastmasters.” 

—Gina Dalessandro, President, The Dalessandro Group

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