Powerful Presence Rocks a Root Canal Part 2

Yesterday I was crowing about the transformative nature of Powerful Presence and the ability it gives you to handle anything that comes your way. I’m still aglow this morning, and I have only the most minor discomfort from my root canal yesterday. Coincidence? I think not!
(OK – it could have something to do with taking 4 Motrin every 6 hours… And although I believe it’s connected to my positive thoughts and Powerful Presence strategies, it’s better if you decide for yourself.)
Yesterday’s post was about the prep it took to rock this root canal. I neglected to mention –and it may go without saying–that another part of preparation for something like this is to do your homework to find the best practitioner you can find. That’s how I found Dr. Dawn Ondrik, who was recommended by my wonderful dentist, Dr. Dennis Gaishauser.
Today’s post is about how my strategies worked in the trenches  ~ with my mouth wide open for an hour and the smell of something burning accompanying the pressure from the drill and whatever else Dr Dawn was using… She certainly helped me in the process of rocking it, with words of encouragement at just the right time along with  her skillful touch.
Part Two: The Trenches
1. Say What You Need and Tell Those Who Need to Know: There’s nothing like feeling that you are the Master of Your Fate! That’s the result when you’re clear about what you need and are willing to tell others. Being conscious of your actions and their impact will relax you better than Valium and increase your confidence better than a standing ovation. It will also give your parasympathetic nervous system a boost.
When you say what you want (especially in a situation like this), then other people  will usually be motivated to support you. Should they not, you can always decide to do something else, including having a conversation about other strategies to get what you need in ways this person could support. You can always decide that  you don’t want to be here and let them know that you’re leaving. You always have a choice; it’s important to remember that you are the Master of your fate, whether you acknowledge it or not.
If this seems a little extreme to you, let’s look at the alternative: without being conscious of my need to use my Personal Power Bag, I would have been a physical and emotional wreck with no support. I would have been much more difficult to work on (clenching my fists and my teeth in fear & discomfort, struggling to maintain my composure and keep my mouth open as I was “gutting it out” –and who knows what else!).
Odds are high that I would still be stressed out and suffering for the next few weeks–over that one hour in the chair . (Come to think of it, it probably wouldn’t have been one hour – with all that struggling it would have taken a lot longer!) My friend Connie, who’s a body-worker, told me yesterday that when you have something traumatic like this done to your mouth it affects your whole body in ways you can’t imagine. She’s seen it enough times to be certain about it.
Although it might seem counter-intuitive to say what you need, it actually makes everything easier for everyone.
2. Focus Your Attention: Most of the time, the trouble happens when you’ve got your Attention so focused on yourself that you miss the clues you need from the other person or the environment. During situations like this, though, you really need to focus your Attention inward; focusing on what you want to feel instead of what you may actually be feeling. Your focus is on paying attention to what will help you get through the experience. Like Viktor Frank describes in his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, your imagination is a magnificent thing. All it requires is your focused Attention.
In order to give myself the most successful outcome, I kept my Attention focused on the elements of my Personal Power Bag. My head and neck were supported with my lavender neck pillow and Amy had given me an additional one; so I was as comfortable as possible. My  eye mask gave me a canvas on which to project anything beautiful I desired– and the Christmas music gave me visual memories of comforting things that I love. I could see the crackling fires in the deep hearth of our living room and the illuminated Christmas tree hung with decorations collected over my 21-year relationship with Chuck.
That brought me a vision of the way the morning sunlight washes the kitchen and living room with splendor, in every season, and the way our 60-foot trees stand majestically around our place like guardians and friends. I wrapped myself in the cloak of those experiences and kept my Attention on how those experiences felt — and that helped me to breathe deeply and slowly, just like I’d be doing if I were actually in front of the fire, or the tree or those windows.
While Dr. Dawn and Amy were focusing their Attention on my root canal, I kept mine focused on being somewhere else. Since I believe that You Bring About What You Think About, it was very simple to bring about my own relaxation while Dr. Dawn and Amy were bringing about a successful operation.
3. Keep an Attitude of Gratitude: Even with my mask and headphones on, and my mouth wide open, I found myself saying “thank you” a lot (thumbs up – or the A-OK sign with pointer and thumb). It gave me the feeling of being a collaborator in the success of the operation.
Even though my only jobs were to keep my mouth open, relax and stay still, I found that acknowledging Dr. Dawn and Amy as we got through each element of the procedure gave me a feeling that we were all part of the same team. It actually made me feel better and reframed the procedure from “them doing something to me” to “Us, accomplishing something together.” It was exceptionally empowering and made the time fly.
When was the last time you High-Fived your dentist or endodontist? I highly recommend it!
My time in the trenches was  transformed by these practices.The experience helped me to see just how powerful that Powerful Presence really is.
Tomorrow I’ll wrap this up with the Top 3 Things I learned from this experience. Meanwhile, I hope you got some great ideas today that you can put to use right away.

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