Powerful Presence meets SLAMMED

There are 25 days left in 2011.
For the last 6 weeks I’ve been watching the year speed to a close in a way that seems like I’m hurtling through it. So many new projects, so much to do before the holidays hit and we all unplug. My friends and colleagues tell me that I’m not alone; they’re doing the exact same thing. We’re all trying to cram everything we want to accomplish into these last few weeks of the year.
What’s up with that?
It all came home to me last night after I drove out to and came home from my belly dancing class at World of Dances through driving rain and crazy traffic on 77 South and Rte 8, just before and just after rush hour. I don’t even know  these people and I could feel them hurtling through their lives just like I’ve been doing. Driving with them was no fun at all, yet I completely understood what prompted them to drive so madly through the weather as if every second counted as they plowed through their to-do lists, and tried to avoid plowing into each other.
The entire experience culminated in my remembering an idea that I’ve been sharing for a very long time; I learned in as a Substance Abuse Counselor in the 80s. The idea that your body never lies is one I’d forgotten, until my circumstances brought it home to me with a SLAM that could have been heard throughout the state. Last night, my body told me exactly what she thinks of my headlong hurtling through all the excitement and challenge of the last several months: after I parked my car in the garage and tried to get out of it, I found that I was stiff as a board. My back locked up so solidly I could not move without pain.
That kind of feedback certainly got my attention!
After a rich lathering of Biofreeze, some tender ministrations from Chuck and my favorite pottery mug of hot milk with cinnamon & honey, my body was warmed up enough so I could sit comfortably and fall asleep easily. It was much better this morning, although my body is still doing the equivalent of giving me The Look, with arms crossed and foot tapping…I know I have do do something so what happened last night doesn’t get worse.
Have you heard the saying that “you can learn it easy, or you can learn it hard, just so be clear that you’re gonna learn it”? I want to learn this one easy.
If Powerful Presence is the ability to be conscious in each moment about your actions and their impact, the message I’m getting LOUD & CLEAR is that I, too, have to ssslllooooooowww down and take a breath so I can enjoy all the fruits of my last three years’ labor.
Slow down. It’s that simple.
So if you find yourself hurtling through these last few weeks of the year, I hope you’ll find my circumstances useful in helping you to slow down so you can take things at a milder pace. Although pain is not fun, it’s very useful in affecting behavior. The good news is that you don’t need to feel it yourself to get the benefit of its message.
As the holidays await you, just around the corner, I wish you the kind of slowing down that will grant you the peace and grace to welcome them.

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  1. Lori Maloney Young December 6, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Thanks Maia – you are so right:)


  2. Hey Maia, Nice blog! As a matter of fact I took it very easy today! Much needed. Have a great holiday!

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