Powerful Presence in Action

It’s been an exceptionally long time since I’ve brought my presence to this blog.
Experts tell me that this is not a good idea ~ I know, and I agree.
Yet experts don’t mention that the process of writing a book and bringing it to market can leave even the best writers feeling much closer to insanity than what you’d find in an asylum (if they existed anymore). That’s what I’ve been focused on since January. Now that the book I’ve been writing for the past 2 and 1/2 years, Dance Into Your Power, is almost ready (due out Oct 15), the insanity is palpable.
I discovered this insanity thing from another writer ~ and she was so inspiring, so full of Powerful Presence, that she knocked me right back into my blog with her words.
Her name is Tama Kieves. Her new book, Inspired and Unstoppable, is due out on August 30, although you can pre-order it now. “Inspired” and “unstoppable” describe Tama, and the work she doe sin the world, exactly.
Listening to her on a conference call with my publisher, Lynne Klippel, and our Writer’s Circle last night was a transformative experience. And since I’m in the business of transformation, it was a double treasure. Tama is in the same spot I am, albeit a different place in the market ~ she’s getting ready to launch a new book and experiencing that same tsunami of emotions as I am. What makes her so inspiring is that she has the presence and the skill to write about the experience in a way that shows the road to the rest of us who are stumped at the veracity of the weather in this particular mental/emotional landscape. She’s a lighthouse in the storm. She’s a beacon for the rest of us, letting us know the terrain can be navigated ~ and how.
She’s the epitome of Inspiring and the way-shower of Unstoppable.
What made this experience so transformative for me is that Tama was saying everything that I believe and teach ~ and yet she reached in and touched the part of my soul that was struggling depth of my emotions on this part of my Journey. It’s easy to take someone where you have already been ~ since this place is new to me, I needed a Guide.
Tama was powerfully nourishing and she gave me exactly what I needed. Her authenticity and her personal vibrancy are the hallmarks of her exceptionally Powerful Presence. As she let her Light shine on that call and in her blog, she lit a fire in me that helped mine shine brighter, too.
Since my mission on earth is to spread the word about Powerful Presence all over the planet, I want to make sure you discover Tama.


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