Powerful Presence: Finding the Perfection in Everything

What if every circumstance in your life was perfect?
And by perfect I mean that everything that happens to you has the possibility of creating perfection for you ~ even if it doesn’t seem perfect at first glance. Think about it: How often do we miss the perfection in front of us because our expectations of our circumstances color our experience?
Consider your “expectations” ~ and ask yourself how often they keep you miserable when what you want and what you get don’t match? Once you start looking at your expectations, you might see that they are different than goals. Expectations keep you  standing still, waiting for something you think is guaranteed. Goals keep you in action, while staying open to opportunity. When you look at it like that, it becomes clear that  expectations don’t offer  you the most personal power.
If you’re anything like me, you may have discovered that it’s our expectations that keep us out of the present moment. We’re unable to stay present to what’s perfect in this moment ~ because we’re so focused on what we want in some future moment.  If it’s true that there are 2 billion bits of data available to us every second, 24/7, then getting stuck in the future helps us miss the opportunities for perfection that are right in front of us.
When I think of it that way I believe that it’s not what happens that knocks us down or lifts us up; it’s our experience of it that keeps us down or up.
When our experience is heavily weighted by what we expected to happen, we get disappointed by our circumstances. When we make it mean something negative about us when what we want doesn’t happen,  we miss the perfection in what does happen. It might as well be invisible to us because we can’t see it!
What helps me to see the perfection all around me? I can shift my focus away from my expectations to look for evidence of my success in what’s right in front of me. This one shift astounds me as I see all the evidence of my good fortune right under my nose. That astonishment knocks me right into feelings of delight and peace ~ and I experience a deep sigh of contentment. That ease of breathing kicks my brain into action ~ now everything seems easier to accomplish.
At that point I have to ask myself just how I could have missed all this abundance around me. And then I remember: you bring about what you think about! When I shifted my thoughts, I shifted my experience. With the distinctions, structures and strategies of Powerful Presence, I’m able to do that instantly ~ and you can, too. Here’s how: if you’re feeling stuck about  anything this week, see what happens when you look for evidence of your success.
Here are some examples from me and others I know:

  • a loving spouse (you’re a relationship genius),
  • a car (you’re not taking the bus! you can go wherever you want to whenever you want to),
  • friends (friendship is a 2-way street, more evidence of your relationship skills)
  • the beauty of your home (you have one, and it delights your eyes)
  • work that you enjoy -or love (you have it and it helps you buy things you enjoy)
  • free time (time is the new currency ~ if you have free time you are rich beyond compare)
  • bills paid (truly a gift ~ on multiple levels)
  • children in school (they have a school to go to  ~ and you can see their success)
  • clothes you enjoy wearing (you have them ~ and if you chose them, you are also visually gifted)
  • flowers in your garden or on your way to work (whether you planted them or not, flowers bring perfection to your eyes)

You get the idea. Look around you today and see what you have. Look for what works and what you enjoy. Just doing that triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes you, and allows your brain to work creatively.
Just that one shift in focus will help you get unstuck ~ and you’ll see that perfection is right there in front of you.

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