Powerful Presence and Relationships

It might seem like Powerful Presence is about your relationship with yourself.
That’s a big part of it ~ and it’s not the only part. Powerful Presence starts on the inside (which is why there’s been so much to write about these last several months); however, it shows up on the outside in your personal and professional interactions with other people.
Writing about the power of choice yesterday really got me thinking about how Powerful Presence shows up in relationships; that made me want to shift my focus for a moment to explore some of the ways that it does.
About 18 years ago, I created a class now called Stop Your Communication Breakdowns! It deals with the ways we interact with each other and explores the strategies for creating successful and resilient relationships. Over the years, I’ve been continually amazed at the ways our interactions with others reflect our relationships with ourselves.
Like that course, The Journey to Powerful Presence includes a number of very useful strategies for creating rewarding relationships; the most basic one is the ability to shift your perspective.
I think of this ability in terms of a set of three gears. Gears give you leverage – gears give you the power to move exponentially more than you could by yourself.
“The Gears” is a metaphor for perspective. They are the three points of view from which you can consider anything that anyone says: your perspective, the other person’s  or that of an observer.
When you know how to employ The Gears in your conversations, you get the kind of leverage in your relationships that a gear would give you in  moving or lifting. As you increase your ability to move flexibly among all three Gears, you will have the greatest amount of choice and satisfaction in all of your relationships.
Join me tomorrow and we’ll explore the Gears in detail.

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