Powerful Presence and Frank Lloyd Wright

Yesterday’s visit to Fallingwater was the perfect inspiration for my birthday year.
Fallingwater is a place out of time, untouched by the 21st century, despite the presence of the hordes of people who love Mr. Wright’s work as much as we do. It’s even possible to imagine that everyone else on your tour through the house is a mirage; when you stand near one of the windows and close your eyes, you can  feel the presence of the Kaufmanns and imagine that you are their guest.
More strongly than the presence of the Kaufmanns, you can feel Frank’s certainty that the most healing element in the Universe is  the Powerful Presence of Nature. Despite the initial protests of the family for whom he was building Fallingwater, Frank made sure that every moment spent in that house would be spent seeing, hearing and inhaling the natural world that surrounds it.
This house was built for being present to your surroundings, for being present in your body and being present to each delicious moment that  you spend here. That’s exactly what we experienced yesterday.
The inspiration I brought home with me was this question: what if you spent every moment of every day as if you were at Fallingwater?
What if you were awake each moment to the delightful possibilities that surround you every day? What if you saw them, heard them, inhaled them? What would life be like?
I’m going to spend this next year finding out.

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