Our Training Philosophy

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

― Patrick Lencioni,The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

People are the #1 resource in any organization. Supporting their ability to create and innovate, as well as respond to the challenges they face in an increasingly unpredictable business environment, is the primary task of every successful leader.

We believe the skills that most contribute to any company’s bottom line are those that provide leaders and teams with the most resilience in any situation they face:

  1. A wide range of sustainable leadership strategies to engage others, to motivate yourself and to adapt to a regularly changing business landscape.
  2. The ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, at every level of the organization, as well as with clients, suppliers and prospects—even when there’s conflict.
  3. The ability to think on your feet in the face of the unknown as well as in the presence of dissension.

We believe there are 7 Reasons for Performance Problems—and only one of them requires training. Find out what they are—and what you can do about them—here.

We believe that although there are straightforward ways to learn business and technical skills that may not require face-to-face training, the interpersonal skills we teach are best learned in a real-time setting that fosters self-awareness and collaboration. We’re committed to creating the richest environment for our learners to increase their knowledge and skill in the shortest time possible.

We believe there is an innovative way to offer training—one that supersedes the typical one-size-fits-all, data dump of information. One that overcomes the challenge inherent to most training courses: although they can provide useful information during class, once class is over, they have no measurable impact on learners. Without measurable ROI for your organization, it’s easy to dismiss training as a “cost” instead of what we know it is—indispensable to organizational success. Our trainings achieve the most critical training outcome: measurable performance on the job.

We believe the game-changing results our clients achieve happen because of three practices that have made our courses “best in class” for over two decades:

  1. Focusing on the learners need for immediate on-the-job performance with relevant content and personal context
  2. Providing the experiential practice that brings knowledge into operation
  3. Adapting the learning to the unique needs of each particular class

We believe in our clients’ success. Our programs support their efforts to retain their high performers, help them transform miscommunications with cutting edge practices and maximize every learners access to sustainable strategies that propel them to their—and their organization’s—greatest achievements. 

Our Training

When work groups learn together, they are exponentially more likely to retain what they’ve learned, use it on the job to support a positive organizational culture and achieve organizational objectives in new ways.

Because we’ve seen the catalyzing power of group learning over the years with our clients, we provide 99% of our training to groups and teams in corporate, non-profit, educational and governmental organizations.

“Maia has an immediacy and efficiency that is quite remarkable. From a timeline of just about two months she created and presented a tailored two-day training program for seasoned instructors. Her output was accurate, insightful and effective. Maia crosses the line of ‘great trainer’ and ‘great person’ — which doesn’t happen too much in my experience of training other trainers. While this training was a few years ago I still hear from those trained that they learned a great deal from the class – even from those who truly did not want to be in attendance.”

—Carol Mintz
Director, Center for Emergency Preparedness, Cleveland State University

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Breakthrough Leadership Development

Cutting-edge Communication Strategies (including Addressing Conflict)

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